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Kraig Schultz Projects
Various Electric Vehicles Built by Kraig Schultz at Schultz Engineering, LLC
My Daily commute to work in Summer 2012-  
MPGe=(33,705 watt hours/gallon of gas) / (Wh from Wall / Miles traveled)
Getting small the uncomfortable way
Experimenting with multi-position riding
Vector HPV that planted a seed in me as a teenager. 55mph with Human Power Alone!
Sketch of the PTV
BugE Experiment
Concept that I quit my job to pursue as a business
First Design from Scratch build.  Human, electric, wind Hy-Brid
Craig Vetter and Kraig Schultz
Small frontal area riding feet forward
Tilting Trike Prototype
Ninja 600R next to Delta-11
How to get small
Prep. for First Roadtest of Delta-11
My First Dustbin
Early EV Grin
Building my first motorcycle
Delta-11 Carving
Delta-12 Tilting Trike
Delta-11 foreground, Delta-12 background

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