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Me, my Chevy Cobalt LS Coupe XFE, and my banjo!
Mostly all taken from my spanking new and paid for 2009 Chevy Cobalt LS Coupe XFE with CB Radio, 7 foot Wilson 5000 Antenna, and other toys. I love this car more than any other I have owned, and at my age I have had quite a few cars and trucks. In the most shiny pictures I had waxed the car with ICE brand wax.
As of October 11 (just after midnight EST) this picture represents my all time high mileage of 45.7 AVG MPG which is accounting for everyday I drove...
Gosh I clean my car like everyday but this picture sure does not reflect it. However it is 1/10 of an increase over my previous record for AVG MPG,...
A shot from the driveway looking up showing the spoiler and 7 foot tall "bat killer". ;) 
(After dark my cb antenna has been known to hit flying...
My CB- More power in this thing than I have under my hood!
Home of some BIG Mountains (Unseen in this picture!) at a place I like to call "JR's" place" Taken in Floyd County Kentucky half way between...
Drivers Side View1 aug 27 2009 1024 RESIZE
Front Long View CB Ant View1 1080 aug 27 2009 Resize1 
Look carefully and you get an idea how long a 7 foot quality cb antenna looks like on a...
Hood Popped Front View1 Resize1 1024 
This is where the tiny mice sleep at night when there not on their wheels during long drives.
Me Getting Out Car Passenger Aug 27 2009 Resize1
Passenger Side Jacks Creek V1 dumped Aug 27 2009 1024 Resize1
PassengerSide Aug27 Dump 2009 V1 1024 768 Resize1
Front Long View CB Ant View1 1080 aug 27 2009 Resize1 
Check out full size Wilson 5000 7 foot high CB Antenna!
Drivers Side View1 aug 27 2009 1024 RESIZE
My Pic from Video Banjo Hangout Avatar.jpg
TRunk False Removed Best View of Spare and Tools VG
SunShine Ice Wider View of Open Empty Truck VG6
right side front angle smi sunshine view 1 ICE sept 01 2009 VG
Rear Right View SSun ICE Sep 01 2009 VG2
Normal Park SunShine Full Rear ICE sept 01 2009 VG3 
Just waxed with Ice brand wax.
Just waxed with Ice brand wax.
Corner Parked Sun Front to right full side ICE sep 01 2009 VG 
Just waxed with Ice brand wax.

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