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Project Jetta
The transformation of a stock, MK II Jetta into a lean, mean, mileing machine.
Template new
pic 38 
First coat of resin.  Saturated more, pulled tighter after this pic.  Got gloves and paint brushes for the next night.  Lesson learned
pic 37 
Yes, that's a bed sheet over chicken wire.  The original lights have been relocated to the rear.  Third brake light will be later.
pic 36 
Light was low in the shop and most of my pics were blurry.  Some have to be shown anyway.
pic 35 
TAIL ALERT!!!  Rear window and trunk lid removed.  Wink Wink
First failed attempt at framing in the tail.  Looking at 60% cutoff and steel tubing for the lower frame, aluminum sheeting for the base, and...
Gaffer tape nose covering to test heat/overheating.  Open behind license plate.  Will be vertical and rounded in the final generation.
First gen cardboard and gaffer tape Kamm back to become a tail(sooner or later).  Also shows the unfinished rear wheel fairing.
pic 26 
See, it DOES expand.
pic 25 
Left rear was done with AL as the muffler is right there.  Decided to use the other can of foam to fill in behind the rear wheel arch and...
pic 24 
Felt lazy and filled the right rear gap with expanding foam.  Guess what.  It really does expand!!
pic 23 
Readjusted the angle of the rear section of the belly pan.  Looks a LOT better and the muffler is held tight so no more rattling on start-up....
pic 22 
Don't usually put stickers on my cars, but I kinda like these.  They are on both sides behind rear door.  Thought the gas cap was fitting...
pic 20 
Leftover piece of mudflap from grill block.  Didn't rub on the way home, will try for a more refined design tomorrow night.
pic 19 
Attachments will be Nut-Serts later, test fitting and running for now.
pic 18 
Installed rear kilts brackets.  1/8"x 1" steel flatbar.
pic 97 
Smoothies on, didn't have time to finish the rear kilts(yet).
pic 96 
Last pic before the mods become visible.
pic 95 
Epoxied with 3M Scotch-Weld PD110.  Will put on car and test tomorrow.  Starting to actually SEE the mods.
pic 94 
Scuffed outer hubcap outside ring and outer edge of circles with a small 36 grit sanding disk.
pic 93 
Cut out circles from .060 AL. Drew circles with sheetrock circle cutter, cut by hand.
pic 92 
View from rear.  Once the tail goes on, I'll fill in the gaps left and right with smaller pieces and correct the angle.  Should end up with...
pic 91 
Side view of rear center section.  Angle is too steep, but I had to use the aluminum or loose it, so I just tacked it up out of the way.
pic 90 
AL skin in place but far from finished.  Ran out of time, so the sides are tacked up to prevent any "unwanted attention."

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