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Littlecars little cars.
Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin's dad drove an early Geo Metro!
My new Bolt: "Eve" pronounced "Eee-vah" as Wall-E did in the movie.
New '19 Bolt EV, WOW, what a machine!
Littlecars and a bristlecone pine @ 11,000 feet. Which is older?
White roof on my 2000 Metro camping car = cool in the mountains with no A/C
Chicks dig my Eco-Car!
leaf pikes peak Co.  Eco modders' photo op: THE place to park your eco-car for Garden of the Gods / Pikes Peak photo!
leaf cord - what good are people if you can't have fun with them?
leaf with Tom
insight my citrus at Garden of the Gods
ilene loves the ranch electric solar truck
Insight group - Our local club, "Insights of the Rockies."
jeep at work.  Last road trip was to Austin Texas and back, another 2000 mile journey.  Average = 24.5 MPG with 4 liter straight 6 (all synthetic...
The "new" 2011 Leaf.  Tom gets 4.2 miles per kilowatt-hour which = 150MPG in Btu usage (gas= 125,000 Btu / gallon, electricity = 3,415 Btu / kilowatt...
2000 Geo Metro 5 speed manual, 1 liter 3 cylinder on 2000 mile road trip to Arizona deserts in March.  Trip fuel economy average overall = 50MPG.

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