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My Cars.
Removed the remaining fog light and covered up both the holes.
Temps still at 170deg so I made another for the other side.. That's some Hillbilly Chrome right thur!
My first upper grill block!
1995 Grand am 3.1l automatic 300k miles and even after the girlfriend hit a snow plow and put it in the ditch twice she's still kickin!
My 01 Oldsmobile Aurora. 3.5l DOHC 4000lb 215hp/230tq EPA: 18 city 28highway. My average is about 29.5 all rural backroad driving 60 miles to and...
My White Trans Am LS1 Auto. My other I sold of the same year would average 25mpg for me and ran a 13.1 1/4 mile almost bone stock at 156k miles.
Best tank mpg on the Aurora.. God I love the mpg indicator!
Girlfriends 00 Chevy Malibu 3.1l v6 auto. She averages about 27mpg. I drove it for a full tank to see what I could get and I averaged 32mpg even with...

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