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I have a ton of experience operating and maintaining fleets of cars, trucks and weird stuff like these marvelous gasoline and diesel Sno-Cats in...
"I hate it when people draft me. There oughta be a law!"
My best mpg in the 1980s.
The GEM goes everywhere.
My poster of Victoria Peters.
My California smog emissions retrofit to a big Ford 429 V8. This is ecomodding at its finest because this is one of the Dirty Dozen: one of the...
1981 diesel MB: I sold it to a biofuel nut. He was sooooo happy! Now he smells like French fries and hangs out behind McDonalds.
This F800 gets lousy mileage but I doubled it by bringing the smog equipment up to spec. Besides, if I see an ecomodded car I like, I can use the...
My TriMagnum with the heart of a Yamaha 650 TurboSeca. There is an aluminum Northstar powered by hydrogen in its future.
Newspaper interviews guy with a REALLY SMALL SMART!
"Damn, they told me not to wash my new Smart in hot water!Now look at it!"  
Don't let this happen to you! Use cold water and mild...
Dam smart!
You can keep your Scangauges and tachometers, my most valuable instrument is this bird, mounted on the cowl of my Smart car. All this $4 flowerpot...

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