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some photos of my car
Did not last a single day
Smooth hubcaps, redneck style
White foil blocking sun from getting inside installed 07/2016. There is aluminum sunscreen from inside. Sunscreens on all windows regularly used when...
Grille block ver.01. Made from 3mm coroplast with v-shaped grooves in places where it folds. 
Removed on May 31st, ambient temperatures rose to level...
Car's front.
Grille block v.01, Installed 13.2.2016. Made from 3 mm thick coroplast, places where fold should go have v-shaped ridges cut to ease folding.
Grille block v.01, Side flaps are tucked into gap between lights and grille, bottom is held by license plate and, err, shoelace tied to lower grille.
Rear wheel skirts (temporary). Dust patterns show I did something  good to my aero. At least I hope so.
My cousin inspects my rear wheel skirts made from foamed PVC after almost 500km round trip. Nothing fell off :-). 
Skirts are held on wheel wells by...
dacia logan MCV blueprint
Partial wheel skirt comparision - "before and after", cardboard prototype. More covering is not possible without significant bending. This skirt is...
winter time... - this is parking lot where my car lives.
just a normal day...
grille block v.00. Made from alu-mate sunscreen (aluminium foil facing radiator). Didn't survive close contact with road barrier though.
Fog-light cover. Double sided tape and transparent plastic sheet (goods wrapping). Held well until I put my car to car-wash. These pressure washers...

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