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Geoizm project
Converting a 96 Geo Prizm to get the best fuel economy possible. Still working on improvements, but wanted to tackle the hardest mod first, being the boat tail to improve hwy aero which is mainly what I drive on my commute to work.
I have eliminated as much weight as possible from the interior:
Front Passenger Seat
Front Passenger Airbag
Front Passenger Seatbelt
AC unit&pulleys
Power steering pulley
Radio (MP3 player w/headphones suffice
Spare tire
Hit the entire boat tail back with primer using a paint gun.
Almost ready for paint.  Doing the final sanding after skimcoating the entire thing with bondo to give a more uniform appearence after painting.
Needed to add aluminum foil over the styrofoam because the epoxy was eating it away.  Worked great.  Used spray adhesive to adhere the aluminum to...
Starting the intial bonding to smooth out between the body and fiberglass/styrofoam body.
You can't really see this, but there was a gap between the styrofoam and the steel body.  I filled this area using "Great Stuff" expandable foam and...
Here is a picture inside the boat tail.  Used the same paneling for the floor as well, and tide in just under the bumper beam.  I think technically I...
Got the rough cut styrofoam sitting on the L-channel frame.  and covered the other areas with very thin laminate wood panelling.  Starting to take...
After some trial and error this seemed to be the most convenient way to shape the styrofoam to make the body.  Just take some copper wire and make a...
Performing complex calculations to make sure the structure is strong enough.
Here is a side view of the Frame.  I actually cut off a couple of supports since it seemed to be overdesigned and I wanted to keep weight to a...
Welding the L-Channel to the car at the parcel shelf where the RR WSHLD use to be and welding it at the Rear Roof Rail at the Wshld Upper and the...
By using simlar triangles, I set the taper angle from the roof = to that of the new Honda Insight and Honda Prius that being 15 degree taper angle...
Got the car for 100$, but the only problem is it threw a rod.  So I needed to get a new engine.  After several junkyard visits, finally found a...
Here is the Geoizm after the final paint job.  Most people say it looks like a tadpole with the beautiful green color

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