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backpacker3 05-29-2014 10:48 AM

02 Pontiac Sunfire Build.
Well I finally got around to posting this progress will probably be slow but it will be progress. Anyway here's what I'm starting with

2002 Pontiac Sunfire SE Sedan (Mileage 107,xxx
2.2 liter 4cyl Ecotec Engine
4 speed Automatic Transmission

EPA Estimate 21 City 24 Combined 30 Highway

I'll try to keep the section below in bold updated with current mods and progress

Currently Done:

105k Maintenance (plugs, belt, fluids, filters, etc.)
16" Alloy Wheels
Repainted Plastic Trim and Wiper Arms
Window Stopper Blocks Removal
Full Interior Cleaning = Weight Removal

In the Works:

Active Grille Block
OBDuino 2 (see the thread here -> OBDuino 2 Thread.)
Aero Work
Weight Reduction

Fuel Log:

Start of original post below.

So far I've done the full 105k maintenance
Plugs, serpintine belt, oil change (though it was about 2k miles back), and all the other stuff that goes with that.

The first thing I did was replace the passenger side mirror that was broken off. Sorry that was before I found ecomodder, though there was a marked increase in wind noise after replacing the side mirror.

Next was getting these new wheels and tires

They are 16 inch 99 sunfire gt alloys at the moment I can't remember the tires on them so I'll post that after I check, they replaced the stock steelies I think there was a small weight savings but the tires are bigger so that offset the lighter wheels.

The next Ecomodding thing I did was pull out the window stopper blocks hey were about 3.5 lbs each so it was a savings of around 7lbs. I posted a thread about it somewhere if you want more info on that.

So here is the car now

I've got some plans for grille blocks coming up and some other stuff too.

backpacker3 05-29-2014 10:57 AM

Oh the tires are falken ziex ze 612 size 205/60/16

Daox 05-29-2014 10:57 AM

Woo, good to see another sunfire build going on. :)

Daox 05-29-2014 10:59 AM

Do you have a fuel log somewhere else? Are you going to start one here?

backpacker3 05-29-2014 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 426957)
Do you have a fuel log somewhere else? Are you going to start one here?

Not yet I didn't drive it much during the winter because it needed new tires pretty bad and on the 2 fill ups it had the first one I didn't know the mileage on that tank and my dad had it the next time it was filled and he cleared the mileage before I could look. I'll be putting more miles on it this summer though.

kir_kenix 05-29-2014 04:53 PM

I would think removing that rear spoiler would help. I've seen alot of Sunfires that color, so you could probably find an entire trunk lid at the junk yard if you didn't want to plug the holes when you were done. Daytime Running Light delete and LED's all around would probably net you another 1mpg or so for just a few dollars. Pump your new tires up to max psi, block the grill like you were planning, synthetic fluid all around, and I'll bet you can return 40mpg with out too much trouble.

backpacker3 05-29-2014 06:37 PM

Actually it can hit 40 mpg right now I got the car from my uncle who just used it as a commuter car and he said it always was around 35-40 mpg average per tank depending on how much traffic he had during his commute. Which has me wondering what kind of potential this car really has.

I'm already running synthetic oil and my tires are at 37 psi cold. I'm deciding on some lighting options right now I've got some plans for that coming up. I probably won't do the DRL delete just because I don't want the warning lights from it but I'm still considering it at least to see what it's worth as far as FE goes. And I hate the way my car looks without the spoiler so it's going to stay for now.

Anyway I'm working on a fully adjustable grille block design for the lower opening on the bumper and I just finished getting all my measurements. I'm posting them just so I don't forget.

The total top length is about 40" and the height of the opening is about 4" the depth is 3 1/2"

Its going to be made of plexiglass or lexan whichever they have at the hardware store and for this application I don't think coroplast will work. There will also be a few motors that I've scavenged from some old rc cars as well.

I'll post some pics of the 3d rendering when I finish it later. But I think you're all going to like it.

backpacker3 05-29-2014 10:50 PM

Well my 3d software isn't working so I can't show you the design yet hopefully I'll be able to start working on it soon. Right now I'm comparing some different thicknesses of material to decide which will work best.

backpacker3 05-30-2014 04:52 PM

Well I broke out the old pencil and paper and I've settled on a design. Sorry the proportions are a bit off but it made it a bit easier for the design.

This one is the winning design

There are two sets of louvers, one on each side that will open and close with door lock actuators the two middle sections each have 3 louvers will be controlled by the motors I pulled from a rc car. The plan is that each one can be opened separately to allow for more precise air flow.

I numbered each one in the picture and I was wondering if you think opening them in a specific order will be more effective or if it won't make much difference. I figured that opening from bottom to top would be best but I don't have any data on that just a guess.

My only worry is that the rc motors won't be strong enough but if not I have another idea that will work.

Oh and better yet I may have found the material for the block in the garage. Nothing beats free! :D

aerohead 05-30-2014 07:01 PM

40 mpg
Years ago,my next door neighbor and I did a construction job in Jackson Hole,Wyoming.
For the trip home we rented a Chevy,similar to the Pontiac.My neighbor drove the whole way,sometimes at extra-legal speed (80 mph)and when we topped-off the car before returning it at the Dallas Airport,we'd averaged above 38-mpg for the one-way trip.
Seems like you'll see 1st-gen Prius HWY mpg with mods,no problem.;)

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