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2007 Civic Grid Charger

Alright, so I have been lurking down the rabbit hole for quite some time. Looking specifically at Honda's IMA battery setup's and how people have fixed them. Seems pretty self explanatory.

IMA battery becomes unbalanced, discharge and recharging cells takes their memory away and makes them more powerful again. Pretty easy right?

Well I've been trying to come up with the easiest method of grid charging my set of batteries on my new to me 07 civic hybrid that will not charge the 12v battery and had a christmas tree of CEL and IMA lights.

I purchased two 45-90v LED drivers, wired them in a series, pulled the battery panel out and there it was in all it's glory an IMA battery..... I read through a few guides and saw the recommendation that you flip the breaker off, wait approx 5 mins for it to discharge and come back to see a less than 30v reading on a meter for the IMA + and - and you should be safe to go. Alas I got a 0v reading and was a little confused. I could see a 0v reading when its been sitting for some time but I waited, honestly, less than 5 minutes.

Being a curious cat, and knowing curiousity can kill said cat, I flipped the battery breaker back on to see if I would be voltage at these two points on the orange cables + - out of the batteries. Alas, 0v. Now I am confused.

Is there a relay that kicks the battery outputs on and off with the 12v battery or the ignition that is protecting me from seeing voltage here? I would like to hook up my two LED drivers to the + and - outs of the battery but if I don't see any voltage, I feel I won't be charging anything.

My other question is that when I pulled the plug to the PWM blower fan I noticed there are four pins. RED BLACK PURPLE? BLUE. Least I think it was purple. Red and black were much heavier wires leading me to believe that they are power wires for the fan. 12v + - from my trusty power source led to disappointment. Re-thinking my strategy I am assuming that there needs to be something hooked up to the other two wires, a resistor maybe?

Some more digging led me to people mentioning I need a PWM to control the blower fan.

More digging my homebrew hack self, I found people were powering up the BCM? to have the Honda computer to manage the fan's and such. Great, that's even easier.

So can this simply be accomplished by leaving the key on? I've read on prius forums that people have been known to use there prius as a back up generator, by wiring in a large inverter to the car and leaving the key on. The large hybrid battery powers the 12v inverter until the battery is low enough to kick the engine on, charging the large battery quickly, and shutting the engine back off. This means a very low fuel consumption generator and a very quiet generator as well.

Tl;dr Can I grid charge the IMA battery from the + and - orange wires at the IMA battery while leaving the key on in the hybrid to allow the IMA computer to handle the fan control?

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