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MetroMPG 04-24-2014 10:04 PM

Aerohead's going to the wind tunnel! We're passing the hat to help with costs.
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Phil Knox (Aerohead) is doing something most of us ecomodders only dream about: he's taking his aeromodded vehicle to be tested in a wind tunnel.


Originally Posted by aerohead (Post 420285)
Darko [Technologies Wind Tunnel in Ogden, Utah] has time available the first week in September so I've sent a request for the 5th.

Doug says most teams allow 4-hours for setup, testing, and teardown. I'll shoot for a single run,with smoke and videography for You-Tube. See if I can contain costs a bit.

USFRA World of Speed starts the next day so after Darko I can just head for the curve in the road past the Salt Flats Cafe/Sinclair Station for camping.

Phil doesn't know about this "campaign" (he'll figure it out when he reads this thread, I suppose). But at the good suggestion of another aero-accomplished member, we are passing the hat to help out with costs.

Why? Because of the many excellent members of this community, there are few who have been as generous with sharing their passion and encyclopedic knowledge, not to mention demonstrating uncommon patience with the noobs and the thick-headed (we know who we are).

On top of all that, the occasional zingers he posts are pretty darned funny.

This wind tunnel ain't cheap. $500 an hour.

Phil deserves good karma. So if you think this is a worthy effort, consider the hat passed.

Let's help send the Toyota T-100 to its date with a Cd determination and cool smoke test videos!

UPDATE: final tally as of Sept. 4th:

> Total collected: $1234.12 <

From 35 members. Thanks to everyone who chipped in!

redneck 04-25-2014 07:34 AM


I'll kick in... :thumbup:

Aerohead shares his extensive knowledge for free.

Without it, we would be fumbling around in the dark.

Let me know where I need to send my contribution.


MetroMPG 04-25-2014 09:37 AM

Great! That makes four supporters so far (heard from another by private message this AM).

We're going to use the EM PayPal account to collect the donations:

If you indicate "payment to family or friends" as the payment type it saves fees (if you pay from your PP balance or bank account). Also, send your EcoModder username in the payment comments.

bondo 04-25-2014 10:29 AM

I'm in too!
Thanks Metro for posting this page. I'm in! Will send my contribution to the paypal account. Aerohead is going to be so surprised!


rednic79 04-25-2014 10:51 AM

I did what I can for ya.....good luck man!

MetroMPG 04-25-2014 02:34 PM

total updated - check post #1
Donation, received - thanks!

Just a reminder to others who have contacted me privately: you can send your contribution via PayPal.

Check post #1 for details & updated total.

aerohead 04-25-2014 05:41 PM

a thanks is in order
Thanks everyone! I feel like Burt Munro at the salt flats in '67.
And as Sir Anthony Hopkins spoke for Burt,"I'll try and be worthy ."
I turned 62 yesterday and have applied for early retirement which will begin to show up in June.
I mended well from the surgery last September and am gaining strength each day.And am back working.
I've got between now and the end of August to complete whatever I'm going to complete on the truck before I head out.
She should be for the most part 'wrung out' with mods.
I've got quite a bit of foam,glass,and resin for fabricating.
Do you guys want to come up with a name for the truck? Like "Spirit of EcoModder" or something? Also,if you guys are gonna put some skin in the project,I'd like to have everyone's name on the truck as well.
September's a ways off.I'll endeavor to 'finish' her,drive her defensively so she'll be able to make the trip,and keep all the rotating and reciprocating bits rotating and reciprocating.
I really do appreciate the gesture.You guys are great!:thumbup:

euromodder 04-25-2014 06:15 PM

I've put in some transatlantic support :thumbup:

Congratulations on your 62nd birthday, Phil :)

MetroMPG 04-25-2014 06:22 PM

Received & noted in the first post. Thanks.

Yes, belated happy b-day, Phil!

user removed 04-25-2014 08:25 PM

I don't use paypal. Is there any other method of contributing?


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