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Air2Nitrous device claimed to cut vehicle exhaust emissions by 90 percent

Hello -

(Sorry for not being around much, but life is hard ...)

Air2Nitrous device claimed to cut vehicle exhaust emissions by 90 percent

Driving an electric car that gives off no emissions is one of the best ways to reduce your personal transport carbon footprint. But if an EV is out of reach, the next best thing could be a simple retrofittable, scalable device called Air2Nitrous (A2N). Its creators claim it can reduce engine emissions by 90 percent, while cutting fuel consumption by 20 percent. ...
Have at it!



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Who's editing that site? They should be ashamed for posting that press release without vetting it...
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If this is 'nitrous' then surely the kit should include a big red button marked NAWZ, I mean NOS.
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ROFL @ 1A 12V connection is "enough for a 15-16 liter engine."

What a scam. I'd love to see someone open up that case and show what's in there (probably a cheapo 0.5A transformer).
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"nitrous oxide usually is produced using Humphry Davy's method of gently heating ammonium nitrate to decompose it into nitrous oxide and water vapor"

How to Make Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas

Can somebody tell me how they're doing it just by introducing an electric charge to the atmosphere?

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Wait, they forgot to put in the crystals!

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According to the chart here :

Air2Nitrous International: HOME

It reduces "Notrogen" in a "Comparinson of atmosphiric air before..."

Graph Note:Engines powered by Air2Nitrous technology receive 36.4% more Oxygen and 15.4% less Notrogen than engines without our technology.More Oxygen guarantees better combusion while,less Nitrogen reduces overall Nox emission levels.
I assume this is some new element this "Notrogen" - or maybe it is just the place where "Unicorn Wind" (aka "BS") is included in the periodic table ?

Luckily though it is not included in atmospheric air so we are all safe.

[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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niky (05-28-2015)
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Laughing gas (N2O) is an oxidizer, they erroneously confuse it with oxygen (O2).
Of course there will be less free oxygen if they really manage to produce a reasonable amount of laughing gas, but the total amount of oxidizing molecules (either oxygen or laughing gas) would indeed be higher.

But 12 Watt is not enough to produce a reasonable amount of laughing gas, never mind whether it could have a benefit or not, never mind what method you'd use to make it.
They probably use static discharges. There will be ozone, and nitrogenmonoxide, and whatever, all in very small quantities.

If it affects the fuel economy at all it is probably due to heating, thus expanding, the intake air... an eWAI so to say.
But even then 12 Watt is way short of what you'd need. It would heat the intake air of even a small car engine by less than one degree.

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