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What did I just do?!
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Another Toyota Dealership Mishap (5+qts in Prius 2010)

I know where I'm never getting my oil changed again. The Toyota dealership I bought the car from.

(couple months ago when I had it done)
First, they quoted me a $50 dollar oil change and made certain this was for a full 0-20 synthetic. Ok, go in, they do the change and charge me 90 dollars. I argued a little but clearly it isn't going to result in anything. I pay my bill and look at the charges. 1.99 for topping off my almost full windshield washer fluid...really? Ok then...asked about it and apparently they charge that for everyone regardless if they even top off the fluid.

Well, time came up to have the oil changed. Decided I was going to do it myself this time. I had them do it the first time just because I was little weary of doing it myself still. I start draining the oil and drain more than 5qts...before removing the oil filter. Capacity for my car is 4.4qts.

On top of that, 2 of the push pins that held up the plastic cover for the oil had been replaced with the really cheap non-reusable type. I manged to get them to hold long enough to go get the proper pins.

The worst part, is this dealership had paperwork proving they had done all the oil changes on this car (granted at very regular intervals) I'm betting they messed up more than just the one I had them do.


Moral of the story...as much as I can complain...and make sure I tell everyone I know of the evils of this dealership...it's partially my own fault for not double checking to make sure a Toyota dealership knew how to change the oil on a Toyota vehicle. But I will definitely either be doing my own changes or going to a place I trust and shows me the dipstick and current level after the engine has run a little (place I went to for my Sunfire always did this).


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I don't trust anyone to do my oil changes except myself. A friend of mine had his done at a Dodge dealership and they way over filled it and broke something major, I was only 12 at the time so I don't remember what it was, but I do remember him being very, very angry.

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Every couple of months Advance Auto has a coupon for 5 quarts of full synthetic Mobil one and a filter for like 22 bucks. For a dollar more you can upgrade to the premium filter. They're half a mile from my house, but I'm sure all the auto part stores run similar ads, I'm just using them as an example.
I always change my own oil, and I always wait to see that coupon in their ad, then I go ahead and buy it ahead of time, and upgrade the filter. I do it for my wife's Explorer, too, and just buy the extra quart it takes for hers. I also recycle my old oil every time I go to buy the new oil.
I don't trust anybody to change my oil, because nobody is going to take care of your car like you would, and I have heard too many horror stories over the years. You also can't get it changed as cheaply as you can change your own, and even if you could, I wouldn't trust a place that would charge me less than what I can buy the oil for.

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mcrews (07-22-2014)
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Seems over filling is very common. I had it happen in the past. Had a coupon form a fast lube place, short story they left the oil cap off and over filled it. Their idea of rectifying the problem was putting the cap on and smearing the oil on the hood around. I drained the over fill, might as well done it my self. Another time and place I requested a certain brand oil be used in a car. The service writer said no problem, watching from the window the mechanic is setting the wrong grade oil in front of my car. If i wasn't watching.........

My father when doing an oil change would always set the quart cans in front of the car count them when putting them there and count them when done, never went in the trash until the end. He would still do a dip stick check after having run the car to verify no leaks at the filter.

Any time someone else does work on our vehicles as soon as the car gets home, up goes the hood for a visual inspection. Too many times thing are not correct.

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There are many people on PriusChat that have had the dealer overfill their Prius. With any car, I would check the dipstick before leaving the shop. No one cares about your car more than you, especially not the guy getting paid $8-12 an hour to change oil as fast as possible.

I installed a Fumoto oil drain valve the last time I changed my Prius' oil. Its due for another change, which should be quick and tool-less if the filter cooperates.
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mcrews (07-22-2014)
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My experience is that the Prius is generally cr@p when it comes to build quality (see my other threads on this) but the dealers seemed quite good on the basics - less good on anything else (me:"The inside rattles", them:"We can't hear anything").
[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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Cobb (07-22-2014)
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All the mo reason to service YOUR car YOURSELF. Same thing happens to Honda IMA owners.
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I do not know where they had changed the oil in mine, but: http://ecomodder.com/forum/showthrea...ads-28519.html

O'Reilly does oil change specials and I imagine that Autozone does, too. When I replaced my oil pan, I installed a Fumoto Quickvalve. A friend from school says that he does not live near any auto parts stores and the nearest ones do not recycle used oil. That sounds strange, but I also used to live by a Walmart that closed at 11pm, but later closed down completely.

People always said "It is called twenty-four-hour Walmart!"

That one wasn't!

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