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veggie oil and gasoline

Vegetable oil and diesel provide a 'lubricity' in a compression-ignition engine which is not a requirement in an electric ignition engine.
If you'll visit the American Petroleum Institute's ( API ) website you may find some info on what separates the fuel requirements between a Diesel and Gasoline engine.
There are pour point, Reid vapor pressure, thermal heating value, flash point, etc., which separate the two fuels.
Diesels operate at compression ratios gasoline engines cannot survive. They are governed by 'Cetane rating, while gasoline engines are governed by 'octane' rating.
I've had 12-semesters of formal automotive training, and never was it recommended that 'ANY' additives be added to a motor vehicle, especially with gasoline engines.
For a few years the local city fleet experimented with bio-diesel, until the EPA shut it all down. There was 'more than met the eye' involved, and the 'veggie' oil tuned out to be a 'bust.'
I recommend that you abandon all efforts to make it work. Cut your losses.

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Vegetable oils are triglycerides with mostly 18 carbon chain acids (oleic, linoleic acid), some 12, some 16. Keep in mind octane is 8 and has no oxygens for hydrogen bonding. You have to process it like biodiesel to get glycerol and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatty_acid_methyl_ester to get something even remotely combustible and the boiling point is still extremely high. I don't know how easy it is to make biodiesel at home with methanol and alkali.

Glycerol I think actually does improve octane and can be diluted in ethanol, but you can't use much of it since it's very heavy. It's basically a bunch of alcohols chained together. The esters are AFAIK very low octane but maybe if you mix some heavy aromatic solvents as octane boosters it might work with high intake air temperature.

Spark ignition engines really need low molecular weight hydrocarbons that evaporate easily, that's the big limitation. Maybe if you could separate the esters to burn in diesel engines then burn the trace methanol and glycerol in a gasoline engine mixed into a lot of gasoline it would work, but I don't know how that would be done at home.


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gasoline, misfire, vegetable oil

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