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bschloop 08-10-2014 08:54 AM

cbr250r streamliner sport style
I just picked up a brand new 2012 cbr 250r this week with the intent to streamline it. I've built streamliners before, but I'm hoping to make this one a truly different beast. Instead of conforming to the idea that a streamliner must be a huge touring bike, I am going to build a high performance high efficiency sport bike. The ultimate goal is a streamlined bike that is at home on both the racetrack and the backroads, a bike that looks and is fast as well as efficient. Also important to me is the idea of a comfortable ride, but I differ with some in that I consider riding straight backed with my feet in front of me the least comfortable option. I like my feet under me, low handlebars and a cushion under my chest to lean forward on, again leading me to a sportier bike. This being said, I do agree that streamlined bodywork can be an ideal way to incorporate carrying capacity to a motorcycle, and I will be using whatever space I can in that way. I don't expect it will carry 4 full grocery bags, but that is not the point. I have a truck for hauling tools and building materials, a little car for hauling groceries and my groups of up to four (not to mention driving in winter), and a bike for hauling me (and sometimes my wife also) to work and play. Each has it's use and is necessary in my life. Each ought to be as efficient as it can be while fulfilling it's purpose.
Anyway, enough ranting and on to the build.

dirtydave 08-10-2014 09:28 AM

Sounds like a fun ride. Are you aiming for high MPG or MPH?

bschloop 08-11-2014 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by dirtydave (Post 439276)
Sounds like a fun ride. Are you aiming for high MPG or MPH?

Thanks. So far its a pretty fun ride even in stock form.

As for MPH vs MPG I'm aiming for both. When you streamline a vehicle it makes it easier to slip through the air this will cause the same amount of power to propel you along at higher speeds or less power maintain the same speeds. They are not mutually exclusive.

dirtydave 08-11-2014 02:37 PM

Yes sir! That sounds great. Post some pictures!

Grant-53 08-11-2014 07:59 PM

The potential for high mpg in a streamlined 250cc single is great. The latest post by Alan Smith on is a good example. He picked up a substantial increase in mpg by lowering his seat thereby reducing frontal area. Going to an aero tuck on a bike will do the same. One hindrance to riding a motorcycle is the lack of adjustment to fit the rider. I built a set of aero bars for my bike using bar end grips, aluminum angle stock, and tubing. Unlike most units, I made the hand grips vertical so I can rest my forearms on the angle sections and mount controls on the grips. If the steering is close to neutral and does not require a great deal of leverage, you might try aero bars on a light motorcycle. The 7/8" diameter tubing is common to bikes and cycles. The twist grip would be a bit different feeling at first. Not only do you get a lower profile but the wrist is not stressed. I mount my bars 10" apart but you could go wider for better leverage.

gregsfc 08-12-2014 06:34 AM

I think it's great to see you or anyone else seriously interested enough in streamlining to build something totally new; incorporating some of the ideas and concepts promoted by Craig Vetter and the Vetterites; but at the same time showing everyone who may take an interest, that there is more than one style possible for a streamlined bike, and more than one riding position preferred.

Please keep doing what you're planning on doing, and please keep us updated on your mods. I think what you're planning is fantastic.

I subscribe to the idea that the motorcycle industry continues to alienate itself from the mainstream in North America by catering to the traditionalists and X generations only and continually refuses to position themselves, from a product and marketing standpoint, to offer products and transportation solutions for the rest of us as the auto industry has left them in the dark ages.

I see Honda Powersports sort of reaching out to some degree with some of their new, future-thinking product concepts periodically, but they don't ever follow these concepts up with any kind of marketing effort that would actually reach the target markets that might actually be interested in such products. Instead, we see Honda throw these great concepts out there for the ole guard to ridicule and to say "what is Honda thinking"! And then the products disappear since their is no market for them other than a few folks that have actively come looking for such products in the absence of a marketing campaign to reach the mainstream.

The Vetterites show us one type or style of what can be achieved beyond the old biker beliefs about what a bike should be, giving powered two and three wheelers more usefulness and more efficiency simultaneously. But in my opinion, the Vetterites fall short, because sometimes Craig's statements to the press and designs and lack of inclusiveness, sort of try to force us to believe that their streamlined concepts are the only acceptable ways of doing things. The stringent parameters of the 4-grocery bag test; the promoted idea that the laid-back riding stance is the only comfortable stance; that streamlining itself can only be this one shape; and the idea that only very-small displacement power plants should be used for the future of 2 and three wheelers; all work to alienate a possible, would-be market for the future of motorcycles and trikes.

It seems as though the concept product that Fred Hayes brings to the events would open the minds of the Vetterites, since it flies in the face of these promoted ideas in so many ways; the idea that there is more than one way to improve efficiency (small streamline in conjunction with tucking versus the upright streamlining concept); more than one shape; more than one riding stance; and more than one engine type and/or horsepower capability are all shown with Fred's vehicles, yet we still get these closed-minded statements and writings on his website and in the interviews that Fred disproves every year with his fantastic showings in the events.

If you one day show up with this new streamliner, please don't try to conform to the grocery-bag test, and I'll back you 100%. We'll crown you the people's champ. I showed up at the AMA event in July with an almost-stock CTX700 with only a Madstad windshield and Dewalt Tool box behind strapped to the pillion half of the seat. By tucking on the highway, on a non-streamlined 670 parrallel twin capable of around 45 horsepower/ 43 peak foot pounds of torque, I came in at almost 102 mpg. Just imagine if this bike were fully streamlined. I could have been right up there with the top guys with an engine well over twice the size and much heavier than everyone except for Fred.

jkv357 08-12-2014 09:39 AM

Congrats on the new ride!

The CBR250 would be my choice for the basis for a streamliner or mileage-getter. It has significant advantages over a 250 Ninja when it comes to efficient cruising.

I wouldn't sweat not being scored in the Challenge. Just get some amazing numbers, your way, and have fun.

Post some photos of your new bike and give us some idea of where you are headed with your streamlining.

renault_megane_dci 08-12-2014 05:13 PM

Good to see a fellow "extra mph is extra mpg in disguise" kind of guy.

Looking forward for some modding and pics.

bschloop 08-13-2014 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by renault_megane_dci (Post 439746)
Good to see a fellow "extra mph is extra mpg in disguise" kind of guy.

Looking forward for some modding and pics.

That depends on how you get those extra mph. More power=lower mpg, better use of power=higher mpg.

So far no mods, I want to ride it stock for a little bit to get a solid baseline before I start really getting into it.

I do have one question though. Has anyone added an mpguino to one of these yet? I'd love to put one on mine, and I also wonder about adding a speedo fix output to it for when I change the gearing. Otherwise I'll have to buy a speedo calibrator first.

jkv357 08-13-2014 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by bschloop (Post 439913)
I do have one question though. Has anyone added an mpguino to one of these yet? I'd love to put one on mine, and I also wonder about adding a speedo fix output to it for when I change the gearing. Otherwise I'll have to buy a speedo calibrator first.

Take a look at this thread on about the FuelBot - FuelBot: Fuel Gauge and MPG Gauge for the SV650 - Anyone interested? - Suzuki SV650 Forum: SV650, SV1000, Gladius Forums.

It's designed for the F.I. SV650, but I believe it may work with other F.I. systems as well.

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