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freebeard 11-22-2019 07:59 PM

Cosmic Catastrophe
Pollution is a threat that hangs over all our heads, but it's not the only one. It's not inexorable like this:

So if humankind poops the bed, no-one will know after the next intermediate axis rotation.

oil pan 4 11-22-2019 10:09 PM

Yeah but where's the fun in that.
They can't tax that, make laws to force people to do something else, collude to drive prices higher, ect.

Xist 11-22-2019 10:53 PM

I listened to this a couple of times and had difficulty understanding it, so I wrote a transcript:


If you were under the impression that the most important CIA cover-up of Earth’s catastrophe cycle was their hiding of Chan Thompson’s version of the event, that’s very understandable, but in reality, the more important cover-up occurred in the two decades prior to the classification of Chan’s book. The government figured out what this planet does in the forties, covered it up in the fifties, and thanks to the patience and document preservation of Major Maynard E. White and the passage of that information to his son, we have that story.
It is detailed in "World in Peril," the book about Project Nanook. It was the government’s first attempt to front line the Arctic, and it was initiated by fears of Soviet attacks over the pole. For airborne reconnaissance, it was necessary to locate the exact magnetic pole. They found it to be mobile and, more importantly, tied to a cyclical disaster on the planet. Major Maynard E. White led the mission to the Arctic and commanded the scientists who studied the pole and the evidence of disaster. Major White’s team believed they found evidence of the cyclical catastrophe and that they had unearthed the layers relating to the last nine events. They found tropical corals in alternating layers, suggesting that the Earth flips. Accounts and documents from Major White’s meetings in the Pentagon document how the government took in the information, interpreted it, and made startling conclusions. They determined that the cycle was approximately 12,000 years, but that the 9 disasters that the team found were actually only 5 and that one had cracked an entire shelf, and thrust it on top of another, both tricking the scientist in the localized region, and hinting at the power and reality of this event. They also determined that the Earth flips very rapidly and then flips back, always to the same positions, which is why there is evidence of the poles in those positions for hundreds of millions of years, because they were there hundreds of millions of years ago, just not all the time.
Now, this meeting at the Pentagon was centered around the intel. Mr. Paul Siple of the Rand Corporation and intelligence officials largely unnamed in the book, but that’s okay, because we know that the predecessor group to the C.I.A. at that time was the Office of Strategic Services, and their top geophysicist, who later continued at the C.I.A., was Charles Hapgood, the same Charles Hapgood who paraded around as a professor while in classified service, the one that told the world that smaller tilts take in 5,000. Every 25,000 years ago was the game. The same guy who helped the Pentagon conclude that it was a fast flip and flip back every 12,000 years.
So, what the heck happened? Somewhere between his classified life and his public claims, which had that foreword by Albert Einstein, and was able to overtake the entire field of catastrophism, the story went haywire, lost the flip back to put the pole in their original position, and was easily debunked, taking down the entire field of catastrophism in one easy slice.
How convenient.
Maybe that was the plan. After all, as the field of study was set to tank, Chan Thomas tried to tell the real story, and it got classified. So, what’s the really important cover-up here. I’d argue that Chan was just the last voice that was silenced among how many others along the way we didn’t hear about. Major White’s story is the key because it tells us that Hapgood knew the truth and lied about it while parading around as a professor, still working for the C.I.A.
The major debunking of Hapgood’s work interestingly largely came from C.I.A.-controlled departments like those at Columbia. That part of the story, the cover-up, and what these people fought to either hide or expose, is all detailed in Cosmic Disaster.
Earlier this week we saw the two recent physics studies of the season that both bolstered the new pole positions and the galaxy and Sun acting as the hand and sword inflicting this cataclysm. Whatever it’s going to take to get you to get aware. Let’s not have this next one sneak up on us. It’s on its way already. Eyes open. No fear. Be safe everyone.

freebeard 11-23-2019 12:06 AM


That part of the story, ..., is all detailed in Cosmic Disaster.

Watch this and you're 1:17:25 closer to when it happens. Humankind has survived these... so far.

The Sun is perfectly spherical even though it spins. Everything else bulges if it spins. A glitch in The Matrix?

oil pan 4 11-23-2019 06:14 AM

Also if the sun is made of plasma then why does the light it put off resemble that of a thermodynamics "black body"?
Which is inconsistent with gas/plasma emissivity.

freebeard 11-23-2019 01:54 PM

Interesting question. I'd like to look into it. What's the resemblance?

They've recently figured out how the Photosphere can be so hot and the surface relatively cool. Energy is released at the tips of the spicules that cover the surface.

They also found a tenuous 54K gas at the boundary of the Heliosphere.

When you stare down into a sunspot the Sun is obviously a black body, unless that's just a problem with [visual] dynamic range.

Whatever the sun is 'made of', the space surrounding it is fulled with plasma.

Can this be true?

If all the quartz for microchips come from Spruce Pine, North Carolina and China buys US$120 Billion worth each year; who has China by the short hairs.

slowmover 11-24-2019 02:39 AM

Palomar & Hubble are Spruce Pine.

“Catastrophism” a great read as topic, re Thomas work (Adam & Eve).

So what else is buried in Vatican archives? Lost history of the Phoenicians? Actual Roman music scores?


oil pan 4 11-24-2019 04:20 AM

Hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen light signatures have spikes in certain spectrums. Kind of like a white LED.
But the light we get out of the sun is broad spectrum, more like that of a tungsten filament light, or any black body at 5,800k.

freebeard 11-24-2019 06:13 PM


Any matter that has a temperature higher than its surroundings emits radiation at various frequencies. The total amount of radiation and the distribution of the emitted wavelengths depend almost entirely on the temperature of the body and are not characteristics of the material itself. For an idealised black body that absorbs all radiation that falls onto it, this relationship between temperature and wavelength of maximum emission is completely precise. Many astronomical bodies, such as stars, can be considered to be almost perfect black bodies, so we can apply all the characteristics of a black body to them.
Black body radiation

I guess my question now is why elements exhibit the spikes. And whether the plasma is a body or an element. :confused: I need to care more. :(

oil pan 4 11-24-2019 11:17 PM

2 Attachment(s)
A florescent lamp uses plasma and does not emit black body radiation.

2 very good examples of non black body emissivity.

You can see in the one lamp the Hg spikes are marked.
That's the light you get without the phosphorus coating the light coming straight off Hg plasma.

So the 15 mega watts was per square meter coming off the sun is not from plasma.
Liquid metallic hydrogen /helium?

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