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Old 11-10-2014, 02:07 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Power and Torque
Basically looks like a write up of some guys tring to figure out what cam would workout best in their model t. looks like they figured it requires about 25hp to go 55mph on flat ground.

I think your 92 civic should be around 10hp at 55mph

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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Where'd you find that one?!
Sorry, no idea.


I have a hard time remembering two hours ago, yet alone two weeks...

I do however recall that there was no info given.

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Originally Posted by fclaridge View Post
Hi all, I am a hotrod type of guy. I like cool cars and yet I commute 110 miles everyday. My daily driver is a 92 Civic Vx so I do get some good mpg for it. What I would like to do, and would like some feedback or maybe some pointers on where I can go for mpg calculators, is build a 1926 or 1927 Ford Model T Tudor. It is light weight and very simple. For the powerplant I want to mount a 1.6L Ford Fiesta motor inline, attach a Ford AOD transmission to it and out back put in a light weight aluminum axle with 3.25 gears. I know the car isn't going to be aerodynamic at all, but with that kind of running gear I should achieve some moderately good mpgs. I'd like to hear some thoughts on this and any suggestions on where I could find a calculator to see how it would perform.


If I was building hot rod I'd go full electric

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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Where'd you find that one?!
Drag and drop into the Google Image search bar.
The 1926 Renault 40CV Broke Speed Records with Brute Force | Petrolicious
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model T

I think the model A was Cd 0.83 or so.The 'T' would be dirtier.
It wouldn't be quite the barn door to drive,but it would be the barn.
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Originally Posted by Sven7 View Post
Visited the page. Saw this picture with the body off. Holy **** is that the fuel tank?
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The Benz grand prix racers of pre WW1 era had engines with the same displacement as the Rolls Merlin in the Spitfire of WW2.


My uncle bought two WW2 surplus P 38 Lightning engines (Allisons) with the intention of putting them in his wooden deadrise fishing boat, until he figured out the fuel consumption was over 100 gallons per hour at WOT, to say nothing of the structural integrity of the poor boat when you started tossing over 1200 horsepower at the propeller.

He paid $500 per engine. I remember him drifting his 4 speed Ford galaxie down dirt roads out in Middlesex County.

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That one actually looks the best and the most reliable. Also it should be fine with the engine you want to put in.
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Man, a kindred spirit! I have toyed with this exact idea 100x!
I too have a long commute so mileage is important but modern(ish) fwd vehicles bore me to tears, which leaves precious few options.

Personally, I planned on going with a 27 Track-T. The frontal area on it is TINY (less than 15 sq.ft) and the aero is surely a bit better than the Tudor. Its shape also seems to me like it lends itself well to aero-modding.

Drivetrain would consists of Ford Ranger bits (2.3l engine, 5sp, 7.5” axle with 3.08 or 3.55 ratio) for simplicity and availability, at least on revision 1.0 (these things are always ‘works in progress’ ). An S10 could be an equally good donor as either will provide PILES of usable parts for very little cash. A walk farther on the wild side, if cash permitted, would include a GM 2.0/2.2L Ecotech or a Ford 2.0 Zetec/Duratec strapped to a light duty T5 as adaptor bell housings are available for either. Another possibility (in my dream world) is a VW 1.9L TDI strapped to a Toyota or Suzuki (Samurai) RWD trans.

I think surely these combos would approach 40mpg with a diligent driver, with the diesel being much higher, and the fun/cool factor would be off the charts.
The biggest problem with the Track-T will be coming up with a roof, windows, heater and other necessities for cold weather driving and rain (I would plan on driving this thing year round). I assume though that if you’re considering this kind of project your building/fab skills are ‘above average’ at least.
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Are you planning this as a commuter or for the weekends? How much will you chop the top? Do you need the back seat?

As I recall, this had a 45mph top speed and 40 mile range, using a golf cart motor and lead-acid batteries.

You could start with a coupe, boattail it and have a single, centered rear passenger seat. But you definitely need to use BMW i3 tires on the 4x19 Ford rims.

Edit: Take a look at this, the 1923 Farman:

Concept Cars and Aerodynamics, 1917-1940

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