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Crappy Gas Pipe - '84 Mercedes 300D Turbo 230k Miles
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You all have seen the adds water4gas. What about Electicity4gas? Install your own battery driven kit for under 300 bucks. Is this real?

My Electric Car Conversion Blog

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Sounds too good to be true. On the other hand, the author could assume your scavenging skills and good fortune might make up the difference-access to a salvage yard/scrapheap, desulfating old used batteries for 6-15 months of extra life, access to a well-stocked machineshop, plenty of skill with electronics/mechanics, etc etc...

Probably not. Then again, look at the Forkenswift and the Nemo, both on this very forum-so not completely impossible for a low-speed, short-range EV (note that the Forkenswift is improving in both departments, but extra funds are playing their part). But so far these are the exceptions proving the rule-and the Nemo is a motorbike.

Bottom line-how much money do they want you to give them for the Book/DVD/whatever?

And yes, you can build an EV for under $300. Buy a cheap DC motor off of Ebay at 24-36V (heck, check out vintage car parts and grab a 12V, 25-40A generator and overvolt it) pick up a cheap Motor controller and charger as well, rescue a bicycle from a local dumpster, pick up an extra chain and a gear, grab a few used batteries and celebrate your new EV! You won't go fast or far, but it runs...

So yeah, it can be done-but this guy's talking about full-sized cars and better-than-average performances...i'm a little suspicious.

Unless you have some money you don't want to keep, i'd pass-there's just too many wonderful posters willing to give you the info for free. Ecomodder for one, and also:

DIY Electric Car Forums - Electric Vehicle Build and Conversion Community One of my favorite resources, aside from here!

Oh, and that cheap EV I mentioned above? Mine. 1970 VW generator running at 24V, no shocks or springs, and it's wishing I had a job so I could do more than test it with my Dad's borrowed Dewalt tool pack. Cost is $130 so far, and $60 out of my first paycheck will get some cheap LAs to put it on the road...beats sinking $900+ I don't have into a kit from China, right? But no, I can't imagine doing a full-sized car conversion on that, not at all.
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Sounds like BS
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Old 04-16-2009, 12:33 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
Sounds like BS
More than sounds like... chances are, it's just like the exact same site that popped up for the water2gas conversion books..

Chances are, those books do exist, somewhere, and can be gotten. Odds are, they're probably the same as just about every other walkthrough and write-up on the planet. It's a quick way for the site's author to make a buck, and that's all.

Read through the text on the site, and you'll find common issues with BS sites, like words used improperly (there/their), mispellings, etc.

Those are the easiest ways to tell a fraud from a real site. Another way is to check the page's "properties" to find out when it was last modified.. if a page is modified every day, unless it's a news page, chances are, it's a fraud. (Daily modification means they're moving it around on a server alot.)
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Crappy Gas Pipe - '84 Mercedes 300D Turbo 230k Miles
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Thanks for those tips and your opinion. I know of a company that sells electric motors in NH. That is real. And I have seen that clip on YouTube of the 1971 Datsun going 112 MPH in the 1/4 mile and an electric bike going 0-60 in 2 seconds. Just want to get off the forign oil addiction before I ge backrupt. (Long commute) Getting my GreaseCar back on the road for EarthDay next week.
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I just thought it was interesting that the picture of his "daughter" in a "95 Corolla" was actually in a late model RHD Hyundai Elantra (pretty sure).

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they aren't.
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