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yurias 01-15-2016 04:41 AM

IF the price of the electronic scooter hoverboard down to $100 will you buy?
If the price of the electronic scooter hoverboards down to $100 , will everybody buy one or need buy ?

These years electronic scooters hoverboard are becoming very popular. Both children and adults like them very much. We see people ride on the board everyday on the road. They ride it to work, ride to school, ride it home, ride all day indoors. Ride to the drinking machine, ride to the dining room, or eat on the board .... looks cool and convenient.

Only that the price to get a hoverboard is expensive, cost at least $300 for an unknown brand.

So this make me think , if the price of the electronic hoverboard drop to $100, will everybody buy one ? Will you buy of them , my friends ?

markweatherill 01-15-2016 04:47 AM

There are cheaper ways to set oneself on fire.

redneck 01-15-2016 06:58 AM




hamsterpower 01-15-2016 07:04 AM

No. I own a better solution. My bicycles.

user removed 01-15-2016 07:29 AM

China, the source of biohazardous particle board and toys for tots slathered in lead based paint for their amusement. Now we have one more device to fill the emergency rooms with serious injuries and little legal recourse.


Grant-53 01-15-2016 09:25 PM

I like electric motors but this is not for me.

yurias 01-18-2016 02:50 AM


Originally Posted by markweatherill (Post 504788)
There are cheaper ways to set oneself on fire.

I saw a bit on the video below. I guess the wheels get hot easily which is not suitable for long time ride.

yurias 01-18-2016 02:55 AM

What caused the fire ? Short circuit? Be careful when ride

RedDevil 01-18-2016 03:49 PM

I have read the cause is overheating the lithium ion batteries, which burst open and then start the fire. The overheating may result from overcharging, heavy use, blocked ventilation, bad cells or a combination of these factors.

Even if they would not catch fire I doubt many people on here would be interested. This seems a bit of a kids tool, and most of us are beyond that.
If I had a hoverboard I'd take it apart to use its contents for other projects; to revive a power drill with a dead battery, f.i.. I doubt I would even try it out once.

freebeard 01-19-2016 04:45 AM

yurias -- Welcome to Ecomodder. :)

These stories (the unboxing fire!) suggest it's battery chemistry. EVTV likes the EVTV Motor Verks Store: CALB CA180FI 180Ah LiFePo4 Cell, Lithium Battery Cells, CA180.

They should know, they've had a car-sized battery pack create a fireball in their shop (!). The newer, light lithium batteries provide their own Oxygen :eek: and require armor plating which negates the weight advantage (although not the cost). Which didn't help the Tesla in Norway.
I won't re-watch this 2 1/2 hours to see when it appears but a guy coats his hand with Firebane™ and passes a blowtorch over it.

Do you have a plan that will reduce costs by 67%. With the Baltic Dry Index in the tank, will ships even leave your ports?

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