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Injector differences EV-6/EV-14

Hello everyone. Long time no see.

After dealing with the broken foot issues for far too long I'm finally back and able to drive again. I've had way too much time on my hands to read (got a copy of the Aerodynamics book everyone seems to cite) and way too much time on the net.

Information on the net seems to be lacking so I titled this thread so it would hopefully show up for others here and on the net who might be searching for similar information. At this point I'm just looking for information. No immediate plans. Any info I can find MAY lead to long term plans, but then again, maybe not.

I know the difference between Jetronic and Uscar ports already so that information I don't need. I know they make some adapters for swapping these. I believe there are adapters for the Sumitomo (?) ported ones, but haven't confirmed that yet.

Not being on the technical side of things I am hoping the brain trust here can enlighten me on some general questions.

First, I see the EV-14 has a slimmer body design and I am assuming, with the advances in technology, a better spray pattern. So, if a unicorn injector of the same flow rate and impedance existed, could an EV-14 injector be interchanged with an EV-6 injector or does the slimmer body style make that impossible?

Secondly, speaking of impedance, how much variance is there in impedance values? Let's say your stock injector has an impedance of X ohms. Could a unicorn injector of the same body style (EV-x) and same flow rate (y lb/hr) but with a slightly higher or lower impedance be interchanged? And if they can be interchanged, how big a variance could possibly be safe?

Thirdly, speaking of flow rates, how much of a variance is safe in those? Obviously a huge jump (20 lb/hr going up to 47 lb/hr) isn't going to work and won't work in the other direction either. I thought I had read once that a difference of 10% should be able to be adjusted for by the ECU without having to have a special "tune", but it was long ago and I may have misread it.

I know I've posted before about injector swaps and I am still day dreaming about it. Injector information is about as easy to come by as the location of Atlantis. There IS a spreadsheet in a drawer somewhere I started a long time ago for possible swap options, but it has lots of empty holes in the data sections. Having all this time off had me thinking about it again, so I'm trying to re-visit the idea. I need to either finish the list or just scrap the whole idea. I just don't want to give up on it yet.

Thanks to everyone that can help.


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