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Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Rosamond, Ca
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1996 Midori Civic dx - '96 honda civic dx
90 day: 37.92 mpg (US)

2000 Taffeta Civic cx - '00 honda civic cx

1994 Frost Civic si - '94 Honda Civic Si

2004 GPW S2000 - '04 Honda S2000
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My little gas savers. 1994, 1996, 2000 civic and gas guzzler s2000 fun car

I've always been into ecomodding and wanted to share my cars with this community. They are not the most fuel efficient cars out there but I do little mods to save some gas. I owned a citrus insight before but unfortunately sold it(still regretting it). I'm sure I will own another one some day and it will definitely be another citrus when I come across the right one. I do own other cars that are fun to drive and enjoy them as much as possible. I've always been a Honda enthusiast since I was able to drive and I've been through many stages since then. Here's what I have now.

First is my daily driver, 1996 Civic DX in Midori green, purchased in 2002 with all OEM paint. I bought this car because I didn't want to put miles on my 2001 Integra(stolen in 2007, so much for not putting miles on it). This car has always been good to me and it's a pretty rare color also. Current miles is close to 500k and on it's 2nd motor. She's been through many stages in it's lifetime and this is how she currently looks. I always switch off between VX, HX, and the Insight wheels. 1st motor was replaced around 350k. Currently running a D16y8, but I have a D15B 3 stage Vtec that will be its next motor. Current gas mileage is 42mpg

2000 Civic CX in Taffeta white purchased in 2012 with all OEM paint. Current miles is 120k. This one is pretty much mint condition inside and out and I've always wanted a white one, so I had to buy it when it came up for sale. No mods and keeping it completely stock. I have a flamenco Si lip, but took it off to look less appealing to thieves. Current gas mileage is 38mpg

1994 Civic Si in Frost white purchased in 2015. I originally purchased this car because it had a B18C5, which my brother wanted to put into his 1995 Civic CX he was fixing up. I always wanted a Type R motor when I was younger so it was a nice gift to him. It was a nice way to do some brotherly bonding while working on cars we loved so the cost of the car was well worth it. It came with so many extras and pretty much in mint condition. My original plan was to buy the car, pull the engine to give to my brother, drop a D series in there and sell it to make most of my money back. When I went to go look at the car, it was in such good condition that I decided to keep it and make it my ecomodding project. Due to the fact I sold my insight, I wanted something that got me good gas mileage while having a fun clean car to drive. I believe there were only about 1000 white 1994, 1995 Civic Si's made so it is pretty rare also. This civic was originally purchased in my hometown, which was crazy when I ran the carfax, and taken care of meticulously. Inside looks new and it has neuspeed sport springs and full Integra GS-R brakes. Everything else is all original besides the few little mods. It stops on a dime and it's one of the most enjoyable parts about this car besides the extras of the Si model like sunroof, power steering, power mirrors, cruise control etc. I bought a D15B duel stage vtec(vx equivalent) and dropped her in with the help of my younger brother. It was a fun install and running great with lean burn fully cracking. The original hubcaps don't even have a curb mark. Just amazing. Current gas mileage is 48mpg. It doesn't have LRR tires, just some all season michelins.

Last, but not least is my fun car, 2004 GPW S2000. Everyone has to have a fun car even if your into ecomodding. I originally bought this car because I've always wanted a GPW s2k since they came out. It was my way of not spending anymore money on motors and cars. It is exceptional stock and has plenty of power to make it very very fun. Not much to say except that she's a garage queen and I take it out on nice days. She loves to go and it's a very fun car on any road, especially Angeles Crest Highway. She's got a few suspension mods along with Volk SE-37k 17" staggered wheels. Super light, weighing in at 14-15lbs each(better gas mileage haha). I did also convert the tan interior to 2006 all black interior along with an AP1 rear bumper. Current gas mileage.... lets not talk about that.

And if anyone is wondering, sokdo means speed in korean. That's why it's on the s2k

And of course a picture of the Citrus Insight that is missed all the time. Lifetime MPG was 63.5.

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Hydrogen > EV
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: NW Ohio, United States
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Silver Flea - '05 Honda Insight
90 day: 58.96 mpg (US)
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Welcome, nice collection!

Best Tanks:
Mustang - 54.83 mpg (US) at the Green Grand Prix
Insight - 82.91966 mpg (US) over 818.5 miles.
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It's all about Diesel
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The 6th-generation hatchback seems to be a better base for a project-car than the sedan, either a performance-oriented or an economy-oriented one, too bad it's very rare in my country.

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