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Xist 09-01-2017 04:29 AM

(Poll) Have any of you replaced your catalytic converter?
I think the most important issue here is why do I phrase all of my threads the same way? I just want to document my personal experience without muddying the waters of In fact, I plan on going back and editing my posts there. I intended on cleaning my cat until I realized how cheap it is.

I recently had a P0420 indicating my catalytic converter is failing. My original cat did not last eighteen years, this was an aftermarket one, and I would not expect them to accept this core if I waited until I could afford a Honda unit. I have had the car for twelve months and 10,000 miles. My brother-in-law installed this Evan Fischer CC almost two years before they sold me the car. The only ones I find are around $110, so I feel it worked surprisingly well, although I would want to replace it with something better.

However, I cannot find any hard data on which cats last longest. Federal law requires a 5 year, 50,000 mile warranty, but somehow that only half applies to the catalyst that actually does the converting.

I found a survey of which brand CC Xterra owners would install and Eastern Catalytic came out on top, then Walker, Nissan and Magnaflow, Bosal, Davico and some brand I cannot find, and nobody for Pacesetter. Evan Fischer was not mentioned, but it seemed to be the most popular brand on JC Whitney, although it only earned 3.7 stars.

Have you replaced your catalytic converter?
-When did you replace? (xxx,xxx mi)?
-What brand?
-How well did it fit? IE was it bent wrong, missing bolts etc)
-How many miles since you replaced?
-Have any codes returned?
-Do you recommend, and any feedback?

(original survey: Replacement Cat Converter Choice Tracking Feedback/Discussion (re: P0420, P0430) - Second Generation Nissan Xterra Forums (2005+))

BLSTIC 09-01-2017 04:38 AM

On a related note...
I heard that running alcohol fuels can clean a lead impregnated o2 sensor.

JockoT 09-01-2017 05:27 AM

I bought a "BM Catalysts" approved cat. 70.96 +VAT.
It fitted perfectly, has only been on the car for about 3000 miles, but has passed an emissions test since fitting.
There was nothing wrong with the old one (94000 miles) apart from the bolts being rusted solid and unable to separate from failed exhaust box. It was cheaper to replace it than have the garage spending time trying to split them.
In the UK most catalytic converters rust out before they fail for emissions. Leaded fuel is no longer available, so you cannot foul the cat by using that.

hamsterpower 09-01-2017 07:45 AM

I've installed "Random Technology" cats on three different Hondas over the years. Two were because the shell had rusted too much to disassemble when repairing the rest of the exhaust. One was for a failed Cat ECU code. That proceeded to fail again in 6 months. If you get a failed/failing code, that is a symptom of issues upstream that must be fixed first. Often leaking injectors running way rich or bad O2 sensor. Those will clog or burn out the ceramic media.
I have nearly 60K/8years on the current one. Only issue is the shell is starting rust again. Fit was perfect each time.

Stubby79 09-01-2017 10:03 AM

I've put on two Magnaflow catalyitic converters. Stainless, so never had an issue with rust. One was on an OBD2 car, with a custom made exhaust, and never had any issues with the computer tripping a code for it, even years late. The other is on my Miata, which is OBD1 so it doesn't monitor the cat, but it put up with running a bit rich for ages without an issue, and it was a direct and easy bolt-on fit.

Fat Charlie 09-01-2017 10:54 AM

Never have, personally.

But when I do replace cats (I'm a parts guy), I replace with OE.

California98Civic 09-01-2017 01:59 PM

I cleaned mine. If I had to replace, I'd go OEM from a discount site.

gumby79 09-01-2017 02:51 PM

+1 on finding the cause of the failure insted of just fixing the symptoms of the failure.

Have you replaced your catalytic converter?
-When did you replace? (xxx,xxx mi)?
-What brand?
-How well did it fit? IE was it bent wrong, missing bolts etc)
-How many miles since you replaced?
-Have any codes returned?
-Do you recommend, and any feedback?

Yes 4 on 4diffrent rigs. 83GMC S-15 Jimmy 2.8 v6 and an 89 Hyundai Excel , and moms 89 Mazda b2300 and 97 geo prism

120ish and 180ish 210ish were obd1 computer controled carburetor rigs 90,000 geo is obd2 all prior to 2003

3 were the universal fit (.5L-7L)3.5" pipe. Requires extra parts to adapt it in (less than the extra $1-200for the direct fit) the 97 is part of the cast iorn ehxaust manifold and no room tor an inline without melting something in the floor

The Jimmy was my first car and I flogged that dog. (Drove it like a kid 130+mph ) new cat lasted about 1 year then went to strate pipe for 6 months before the rig cried uncle. Failure was driving conditions cats dont like water be they fuzzy or ceramic. Hard driving+deep water = thermal shock followed by melting the insert on subsequent runs.
The Excel ate the cat from bad parts up streem sold the car prior to any further issues coming up.
The geo was done in 03 and is still on the road. Mom hant told me of a new cat being needed.

Zinc was removed from motor oil in2010 for improving life span of catalytic converters . Zinc is a toxin to CC's and EPA bumped the manufacturers required warranty life span from 60k to 100k on emissions parts.

JockoT 09-01-2017 02:57 PM

A genuine Honda cat for my 2006 Jazz is 1200. If I only get 6 months out of my 85 one I can keep replacing it for 14 years before I spend that.

Xist 09-01-2017 03:15 PM

Bell Honda in Phoenix offers a 15% military discount on parts. They do not say what the retail price for a catalytic converter is, but they ask $1,319.12. Supposedly that would be $1,225.52 with tax and the discount, but there may already be an Internet discount. Tempe Honda does not offer a military discount, but they charge $648.81 with tax for the same part. Majestic asks $650.98 to ship one and says the retail price is $659.22. Honda Parts Network beats Majestic's price by $42.21. Bernardi Honda does not mention the core and will ship it for $477.
I spent last night and this morning trying to find a cat here in-town, in Flagstaff, and in Show Low, and checking out dealerships in the valley. I had planned on driving to Mom's yesterday, fixing her lawnmower, trimming her lawn, and making her angry by setting up shelves and organizing part of her garage.
All that I have really learned is Page is a difficult place for me to try to take care of things.

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