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kach22i 09-21-2015 09:00 AM

Random UnAerodynamic Cars and Trucks Thread
We spend a lot of the time in the forum exploring what it is to be "aerodynamic".

At times it might be helpful to explore and examine the "un-aerodynamic" to remind ourselves what we best avoid in order to be successful in our ecomodding endeavors.

A few recent examples which have amused and bemused me.

1963 Studebaker Westinghouse Pickup Truck Concept
1963 Studebaker Westinghouse Pickup Truck Concept - HowStuffWorks

Image Gallery: Concept Cars The 1963 Studebaker Westinghouse pickup concept was a simply styled cab-over-engine (COE) design with flat, easily stamped body panels. See more concept car pictures.
2007 Publications International, Ltd.

The 1963 Studebaker Westinghouse Pickup Truck Concept Car Project - HowStuffWorks

Though obviously not aerodynamic, the 1963 Studebaker Westinghouse pickup truck concept pickup afforded great driver vision.
2007 Publications International, Ltd.
1966 -- The End of the Road for Studebaker Vehicles - HowStuffWorks

dual-engine | Hemmings Daily

aerohead 09-21-2015 04:31 PM


2000mc 09-21-2015 05:27 PM
This isn't the actual one I saw, but the last place I worked in Indiana painted one of these beasts black for swat

freebeard 09-21-2015 09:01 PM

I'll repost the last one I put in the other thread, because although it's better than a stock Unimog, overall it's a basket case.

What's that dust cloud on the horizon? Mad Max cars?

There's a Beetle in there somewhere.

kach22i 09-21-2015 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by freebeard (Post 494183)
I'll repost the last ....?

That first vehicle, it also made the Pelican Parts forum recently. I would have posted it, but like the plan view too much. I'm a sucker for rounded front edges I guess.

Regarding UnAerodynamic v's NonAerodynamic terms, the moderators are free to correct my English at any time, I will take no offense.:)

iamnotahippee 09-21-2015 10:29 PM

Wow, I actually do really like the Stude, but i am a sucker for a Studebaker of any kind.

freebeard 09-22-2015 02:12 AM

kach22i -- That's because I follow along behind you in the Pelican Parts thread. I'd seen the two you posted here, there.

iamnotahippee -- my first car

The 2nd one is called Stupidbaker (money and a sense of humor). I know, I know, way off-topic for the thread. Sosume.

mort 09-22-2015 03:17 AM

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You see some fine unaerodynamic cars at Burning Man...


cRiPpLe_rOoStEr 09-22-2015 04:54 AM

That Studebaker truck looks like a toy.

kach22i 09-22-2015 07:12 AM

Last Sunday was the Orphan Car Show in Ypsilanti, Michigan, lots of old Studebaker's there, including a couple of pick-up trucks.

RE: 1963 Studebaker Westinghouse Pickup Truck Concept

"Cab Over Engine" designs fascinate me as much as engine under seat, rear-engine, and mid-engine designs.

I even like that late 1980's engine behind driver's seat Toyota mini van.

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