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Just guessing but I've read on here the GDI are having buildup problems on the intake valves because they don't get washed with the gasoline.

So with that in mind, I want to wash my valves and exercise the fuel system with a full throttle maybe 2/3 rev limit rpm blast, I have a 3rd gear right hand corner that goes up hill, I often go full throttle or close to but stay closed loop, and get to 55 mph then jump to 5th. Don't think it really hurts my mpg much, if I shift at 2k I can't accelerate as quickly so higher consumption rate longer than getting to 55 quicker in 3rd.

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I've heard anecdotal stories about people who drive their car hard and never have problems, then sell it to people who drive conservatively and suddenly have problems sprout up. Something about racecar...

Hitting the redline in every gear up to highway speed is good once in a while, if just for cardio and a shot of adrenaline!
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So much of this is hearsay left over from a long time ago.

When carburetors ruled the planet, the old "Italian Tuneup" did have merit. Running the engine up the power-band did produce benefits in cleaner valves, chambers and oiling. However, modern closed loop systems run cleaner in partial load ranges. Much cleaner in fact than the open looped full throttle rich setting. This is independent of engine revolutions. As someone pointed out, simply running the car at a constant and warmed operating cycle will benefit a commuter vehicle. Running the engine up to red-line does nothing at all. This is assuming the engine is running properly.

The photo of the in cylinder carbon above the ring band is true for pretty much all vehicles to varying degrees. The quenching effect of the piston wall and cylinder wall keep fuel that is trapped in this space from reaching combustion temperature.

The mention of gasoline direct injected engines fouling is a product of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems and positive crank case (PCV) ventilation recirculation. The residue builds up on the back of the intake valve with no liquid gasoline to wash it off. High revs do little to help this situation.

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