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Thumbs up S;ective Catalyst Emission Eliminator for Blow By Out Gas Toxin

Let's talk about Technology, in specific, Hydrocarbon Fuels, when they are unburned in an Internal Combustion Engine, the unburned fuel either exits through exhaust which does no more combustion and is filtered at the Catalytic Converter. Catalyst are real elements introduce to make actions occur which would normally not occur. A Catalytic converter is after combustion. Catalyst, themselves can be injected Pre Combustion and can be used to Eliminate Toxins, then reform the Blow By Out Gas, into recycled fuel for combustion enhancement. There is another way Catalyst, help in the combustion action, the Hydrocarbon Molecules are in large clusters and then fuel injection tries to help seperate the large clusters, many large clusters just do not have enough time to become small, attract oxygen and turn into kinetic energy. To promote the pre conditioning large clusters to small clusters, to precondition the hydrocarbon fuel to attract and bond with oxygen faster, Selective Catalyst Processing can be done, with Technology. Please read the US and International Patent, PCT/US2006/033584 authored by Jeffery A Stephenson, about his devices, one for Pre Combustion and one for after Combustion but from the Out Gases from the Blow By, commonly known as the pressurized gases which leak pass the pistons from the clearance which is designed into all piston rings. I have very little time or patience to discuss, the generalities of this Important US Patent but the general statements, is Hydrocarbon Fuels can be conditioned to have characteristics to which will smooth the combining of the chemical bonds, to attract oxygen, to release free radicals, to reduce the large cluster into small clusters and in order to release more energy, converting from liquid carrier to vapor carrier, through Selective Catalyst Processing.
I personally, do have my Test Vehicle, for over three years now, with a Catalyst Injector, which is adding Platinum, Rodium and Rhedium to the Air Mixture and a Catalyst Reformer and Recycler, in line with the Out Gases coming from the Positive Crackcase Ventilation Valve, known as the PCV, into the Catalyst Device, then routed into the air intake, both enhance combustion, power torque and eliminate Emission Toxins, which mean my vehicle helps clean the Air. Cleaning the amount of Toxins, each internal combustion engine produces should be job one and then fuel efficiency. I am improving both at the same time.
I started almost three years ago, with 14 MPG, for the 2005 Tahoe and now, with many chemical formulas, which I invented, many Anti Friction Metal Bonding Chemical in all moving assembly to reduce resistance and heat, with two specific Selective Catalyst Systems, one to inject Catalyst and one to Clean, Process, Convert Blow By Out Gas into Combustable Fuel, a Combustion Enhancer Chemical Formula to make the vaporization occur faster, a Scangauge E to monitor Carbon Dioxide. Resulting in 28 MPG, yes, double the initial, a 170,000 mile Tahoe getting 28 MPG, un heard of, plus it's performance is better.
Yet to be installed is another Catalyst System, better than the Fitch System in my opinion but inline to process fuel incoming Pre Combustion and then very small turbos, to enhance the vaporization, compress the air and provide some power torque increase. Lastly, will be Vin # Specific "Source Code" software to calibrate the parameter, specific to what I have changed in Air to Fuel, to MAP and to over all combustion content to oxygen which is flowing out the waste pipe.
Did you know the average gallon of gasoline only benefits you by 50%-60% and the rest is wasted unless you reverse that condition. Catalyst Processing is one way, Emission Processing is another, In Line Gasoline Processing is yet another, Chemical Enhancement for Pre Combustion is another, Resisting the Movement when it comes from the Power Stroke is another, ScanGauge monitors from the On Board Diagnostic Gen II, more commonly known as OBDII teaches you to do right foot applications and then the outside condition, the atmosphere, the tires and the over all condition of the vehicle. I have combined for over three years a group of elements and products which work together to add up to more than doubling MPG and extend your Range on a Tank, reduce the Emission Toxins and extend the time intervals between oil changes, reducing the cost of ownership. No One Device, Chemical Formual, Catalyst Device, Anti Friction Metal Bond Chemical or amount of learning to drive more Economical can do everything.

However, my goal, of 35 MPG for my Tahoe, is within reach, I am hoping to cross into 30 MPG area this next long test trip, 250 Miles to South Tucson and back to Phoenix.

Members the point to this thread, there are "Testers" such as I, there are "Doubters" which have choosen Device without proper due diligence and been burnt, there are "Fence Sitters" who will wait till Hell Freezes Over before they test anything but the whole time complain about gasoline prices, then the people who test, keep what works and keep adding good Technology, documenting the good Technology and adding more and more till there is no more Fuel Economy to squeeze out of a Vehicle. I can give you a list of what works and what does not based on my own personal testing.

I recommend the Inter Charger, eliminating up to 95% of the Out Gas Toxin induced by Blow By, a normal function of any ICE. Simple install and 200 mile break in, while it is cleaning the soot, gum and other damage the Out Gas from Blow By causes to your vehicle. Blow By, is 90%, of the source for Oil Contamination, eliminate this pollution source, you make your vehicle, through Technology, an SULEV vehicle and 15% more fuel efficiency with power torque increase. I recommend my own chemical formula, which I teach others how to mix the chemicals and make your own Combustion Enhancing Formula, I recommend a Catalyst Injector, Catalyst In Line Gasoline Processor and the best Anti Friction, "One Time Application", only Metal Bonder Chemical. Then the turbo, question, Turbo are the step into the future, anyone knows that a 4 cylinder with a Turbo can perform like a v6 or better. Then very small, two turbos on a v8, to enter into the world of intercoolers and twin turbos, now you have the chance to up MPG while having a secret weapon, when needed, twin turbos. Boosting HP, vaporizing fuel, increasing compression of air and adding combustion enhancing chemicals or electro-chemically with Catalyst, we enter un chartered areas.

I will keep the membership up on the progress. So, far have doubled my Tahoe MPG.

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WTF is this guy some kind of weird spammer? Why does he post three links to the ecomodder Scangauge page in every post? I bet after a bit and these posts fall off the radar, the links change to a linkspam site.
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OP —— How does it work anyway?
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What's there to comment on? Didn't you all get the Illuminati memo on keeping the conspiracy of silence? Now shhhh....
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By far the biggest emitter of Blow By Out Gas Toxins is 100MPGPLUS' piehole.

I suggest he suck on that catalyst.

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Originally Posted by xntrx View Post
I like cheese
I like cutting it!


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