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Question Scam or not??

I came across this website and can't help but think that its a scam. Seems too good to be true. Im thinking if it were real we would be hearing it on the news by now.


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Here’s what our scientific testing has shown: In one test at our Research Facility, we got 9X the fuel efficiency from a gas guzzling 318 V-8 Chrysler engine. We ran a 318 V-8 Chrysler engine on a brand new state of the art dynamometer (the same testing equipment that Detroit uses) at 3,000 rpms under a 50% load for an hour. This test condition approximated an 8 cylinder van with a 318 engine, traveling up a 30 degree incline for one hour, at 65 miles per hour. Before the PICC modification, the engine used 18 pounds of fuel. At an average weight of 6.15 pounds per gallon for gasoline, that would equal 2.93 gallons of fuel. Converting that into miles per gallon, it got around 22 mpg. The researchers then switched the fuel injection process to the PICC Modification and ran the engine under the exact same conditions for another hour. Now, the engine used only 2 pounds of fuel instead of 18 — an increase in efficiency of 9x. In other words, the vehicle traveling at 65 mph up a 30 degree incline for an hour would have obtained almost 200 mpg! When they shut off the engine, the researchers reported that it coasted on the plasma for another two minutes.
Undoubtedly yes, this is a scam.
"I got 350 heads on a 305 engine. I get 10 miles to the gallon. I ain't got no good intentions." - The Drive By Truckers.

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wow they must be kidding that thing is a joke and there site is full of crap
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Good litmus test for FE scams.
A gas engine is about 25-30% thermodynamically efficient, meaning 25-30% of the heat energy is converted to mechanical work. If that 318 was even out of tune around 20%, a 9x increase means they are using 180% of the energy of the fuel. Uh-oh.

Any system that appears to have more than 40% efficiency should be ruled out right away. The best systems in the world struggle to attain 50-55% and they have huge economies of scale. A good example:

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