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Scangauge for NHW11 (2001-03 Prius)

I want to add some 'lessons learned' in offline programming of a ScanGauge. We owe vincent1449p a debt of gratitude for his work in decoding the ScanGauge XGAUGE codes:

--- In Prius_Technical_Stuff@yahoogroups.com, "vincent1449p" <vincent1449p@...> wrote:
> Hi Glenn Hughes,
> There have been some updates to the Xgauge and you can find the latest revision from this link:
> 03' Classic Prius and scanguageII - Page 14 - PriusChat Forums
> Those are in text format so you can easily import into your preferred spreadsheet.
> > I did program in the EC1 EC2 EC3 ec1 ec2 ec3 codes which all produced
> > readings of 0000 when ran.
> All 0000 means no error code from the ECM. But since you got the Master Warning Light, there must be some codes in either the HV ECU or Bty ECU.
> > ic1 ic2 ic3 which you recommended in your post
> These are the information codes (if any) and can provide more clues to your problem.

* * *
Offline programming requires a 12V power supply. In reality, a voltage range from 9-16V between pin 1, ground, and pin 8, Vcc of the RJ-45.

Once powered up, "Connecting..." will show on the top line. If connected to the car, programming is straight forward but in offline programming, there are several, intermittent, latent defects that make it more difficult but not impossible. In this example, I'm using version 4.02.

To reach XGAUGE programming, enter:
o MORE -> MORE -> MODE (right button) -> EDIT

XGAUGE programming now suffers from these defects:

o random 'sleep' - the screen goes out for about 3 seconds and then comes back in the mode it was last in. Unfortunately, it loses the programming cursor location. The only thing to do is to hit OK and proceed to the next XGAUGE programming mode and come back later to finish that field.

o random 'left cursor' - randomly, the cursor will jump to the far left field where the "+" character is normally displayed. However, the blinking, underscore cursor can be moved back to the input column and data entry proceed. Do not worry about smashing the "+" field. This may occur multiple times until the 'sleep' ends entry in this field.

Eventually, it will cycle to the initial edit display with the option to SAVE or CANCEL. Hit SAVE and then re-edit the XGAUGE to complete the missing programming. It will take about three to four passes to program in the XGAUGE but fortunately, it is in the house with the comforts of the computer.

The next question is which of the 25 XGAUGEs provides the best value. For the NHW11, my priorities are:

1) Codes
HC1, HC2, HC3 - all hybrid vehicle (HV) ECU codes
ic1, ic2, ic3, ic4, ic5 - HV ECU information codes(*)
EC1, EC2, EC3 - engine codes
BC1, BC2, BC3 - battery codes

* - HV ECU information codes are unique, neither AutoEnginuity nor the Graham miniscanner have these codes that map P3125, the catch-all error code.

2) Diagnositic data
TM1, TM2 - MG1 and MG2 temperatures for transaxle failure
Thi, Tlo - Maximum and minimum battery temperature
o11, o12 - Oxygen sensor 1 and 2 voltages, catalytic converter
Vlo, blo, Vhi - Lowest battery block voltage, index, highest voltage

Following the advice that you fix the roof before it rains, it is best to have these diagnostic codes ready. If a problem occurs on the road, you need to know what failed.

Bob Wilson

ps. Feel free to share this note with other forums and please make sure vincent1449p gets credit for the hard work, figuring out the codes.

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