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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
hey winkochickenshxx.....
since your rude name-calling post already already made it to my email, it's only fair that everyone gets to see what you posted then edited

"Dude, I don't think you get it. Your engine is MADE for 91/93 octane. By running a lower octane you may not notice a difference but the engine does. It's igniting the fuel earlier to prevent it from pinging, which saps energy because the piston is fighting the burn for longer than it should.

There is a reason the manual says to use 91. If you're so poor you can't afford the extra 20 cents per gallon, you need to sell your Infiniti and buy another car.


And you need to pull your head out of your axx. You must be trolling looking for old posts that you can strut your "high and mighty better than anyone else" attitude.

'so poor'!!!!!!!!!!!!! who the fuxx are you to make that comment????
I'll tell you.....YOU ARE A SPINLESS WUSS. DOn't even have the courage of your convictions. Make a post and change it 8 minutes later.

I'll tell you the same thing I told the idiot from new zealand who had a problem with me driving an Infiniti.
I'll do what ever the hexx I want. I don't run 87 octane be`cause I'm cheap.....I run it because I can.
Where was he rude? My impression was he was trying to help you, Not bite your head off like you apparently tried to do to him even though he edited the post and yes I read both the edited and non-edited ones. Perhaps he didn't think the part at the start of his reply was necessary in the topic and it made the reply to be too long, Not because he "Was spineless"?

And I know this is a thread from 2010 but I couldn't go without saying something, In my passing by. Not to "be superior" As I am not, But just to bring up the point that your response wasn't what I'd call "Courteous" but you were apparently taking offense where none may have existed. I've made mistakes too.

And I'm not saying I know the whole story here but your reply came off as rude; Being rude to someone who was rude to you is like using a community laundry dryer and cleaning the dirty lint trap but leaving it dirty; Things can get dirtier that way.

But hey, It's your life - You choose.

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