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Xist 09-06-2020 03:55 AM

Stranded in Tucson
I have been chatting with women all over the world through my preferred dating app. It always wants me to pay to see who allegedly likes me, but if I say yes to everyone worldwide, there is nobody left!

I have had some interesting conversations with truly lovely ladies, but nobody local.

Last week I was trying to fix my laptop at 2am and a beautiful girl was up late watching Netflix. We had chatted for a couple of months but never as much as that night.

We ended staying up all night chatting.

Somewhere in there she asked if I actually wanted to meet her or I was just passing time. I told her that I did not have any intention of dating during a global pandemic, but I felt that I should see if we got along in-person before spending additional months chatting. I packed up my car and headed out of town last Saturday to meet her, but as soon as I got on the highway there was a sign saying the road was closed due to a forest fire.

I was better prepared this week and left earlier. I checked fluids and stuff, filled up, and set course for destiny!

I had a check engine light an hour from Tucson, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and couldn't get my code reader to connect. When I did read the code (P1381) it was completely unclear how to fix it and I couldn't find a mechanic still open. O'Reilly's had a database showing that 250/402 mechanics fixed that problem by replacing the distributor--the one that I installed last year. Apparently a sensor is bad, but you cannot buy it separately.

They happened to be the only location in Tucson with a distributor, but my card was declined. I called my bank, waited ten minutes, and then saw a text asking to confirm my purchases that day. I confirmed and was able to buy it.

When I installed the distributor my car wouldn't start. I had shown the young lady how it was lined up and rotated the new one to match, but I figured that I must have had it wrong. I went to rotate it and it was broken!

I tried to buy more tools to fix it, but my card was declined. I called again, but it never seemed like they would answer.

I cannot leave town. I do not have anywhere to stay. I cannot buy tools to fix my car, pay a mechanic, or rent a hotel room or a car to drive home.

I can not even buy dinner!

nemo 09-06-2020 07:12 AM

After this is over may it turn out to be a great story. It is hard when you are somewhere with no immediate support network. In the past we have been able to buy items remotely when my son has had vehicle issues, can your mom help? Sometimes they would take the cc over the phone other times order online for pick up.

You have a way of impressing the girls. :)

Xist 09-06-2020 09:11 AM

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I also have a way of breaking stuff! :D

How did I manage this?!

Mom offered to send me money through some telegraph company. The young lady offered to pay for tools and did get me a hotel room. I was hoping that I could still use my card on-line, but she reserved me a room before I could find out.

Unless I posted elsewhere, I did not mention trying to replace the seals on the original distributor. As I recall, I read that you could buy some cheap press to remove the part that I broke and then replace the seals, but the press broke!

It just seemed to be iron, not the strongest metal.

I mentioned installing the new distributor here:

I shared this quote:

My inbox is full of people stating that they've replaced their Honda's distributor sub assembly only to find they now have other issues as a result, most notably cam and crank sensor codes, and sometimes even a no-start condition caused by faulty cam and crank sensors. The cam and crank sensors for many Honda engines are located inside the distributor sub assembly.

I wrote:

So, an aftermarket distributor was a mistake. Swell. Majestic would ship one for $384.79, but Amazon shipped me a Spectra Premium for $173.25
A few things:
That distributor failed within a year.
Spectra Premium put "Guarantee" on the box. They had the time.
The current one was $255, but Amazon is now charging $137.72 shipped.

I e-mailed Spectra Premium. Amazon links a warranty PDF for gas tanks, but it says "Limited Lifetime" on the page.

I had hoped to replace the broken bit with the good one, but I do not think that I will be able to do that.

Why don't I replace the actual sensor? That just requires a screwdriver, right?

redpoint5 09-06-2020 11:46 PM

Global pandemic is the lamest excuse to face the fear of rejection I've ever heard.

F the global pandemic, I'm coming to see you is the bravest excuse to see a person I've ever heard...

not going to read the nitty gritty details of the post.

Xist 09-07-2020 12:20 AM


Xist 09-07-2020 12:34 AM

I thought that I had everything figured out.
I replaced the sensor, cleared the CEL, and left Tucson.

After an hour it came back.

I called someone that I knew in the area and she said the drive to Globe was fine, so I kept driving, but I also kept trying to reach Uhaul so I could still make it home with my car tonight. I didn't have a signal until I was in-town, but it was already seven, and they were closed. However, for some reason a motel in the next town had a truck and trailer and was open until ten.

I made a reservation, but they never called like they were supposed to. I tried to confirm on-line, but it kept trying to send me to locations over an hour in the wrong direction. I called, but couldn't get through.

I couldn't cancel easily, either, but an hour of canyon driving in the dark without cell phone coverage or a safe place to pull off the highway seemed like a bad idea.

I had difficulty just reserving a motel room. Pages only loaded while I was driving!

The thing is: I was supposed to be home last night and I promised my brother that I would be home today.

Hopefully a mechanic can fix it without too much drama and the car is reliable for at least months, but I always say that I only keep my old cars for as long as they save me money.

Two distributor in less than a year and two nights in a hotel aren't saving me money, but worse, this car is keeping me from keeping promises.

nemo 09-07-2020 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by Xist (Post 630686)
Two distributor in less than a year and two nights in a hotel aren't saving me money, but worse, this car is keeping me from keeping promises.

Starting to look like the OEM part would have been cheaper if that is the actual problem.

Xist 09-07-2020 12:01 PM

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What made the sensor melt?! Did the Tucson heat contribute?

Hopefully I can get a warranty exchange, but will the third one fall the same way?

It is entirely possible that a Honda part wouldn't have done this--or it would have, after costing me twice as much, and I wouldn't have a warranty because I wouldn't have driven a couple of hours each way to pay big bucks for a dealership mechanic to remove two bolts.

Until I figure out why it failed I don't know the rest, but I sure wish that I borrowed Mom's car like she wanted, or I rented a tow truck and dolly in Tucson like she wanted!

M_a_t_t 09-07-2020 07:51 PM

Did you make it home yet?

Xist 09-07-2020 07:54 PM

60% there! :)

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