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Sub-Cd 0.09 paradigm

Here is Subaru's 1986 (6-model)(G) wind tunnel development model for the XT.
It measured Cd 0.088.
With the features drag of the 1999 GM Precept PNGV car,it would come in around Cd 0.095 on the street.

With synthetic vision,it would be a glimpse of the possible future,when autonomous driving is routine,'drivers' napping,being amorous,gaming,eating................. while they drive.(like they do now but minus the fatal accidents)

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What kind of mpg would a shape like this be capable of, with say a 1.0L metro drivetrain?

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It looks like your truck, Aerohead. Boy, I can't wait for the future! I figure autonomous driving will be commonplace in 20 years, but perhaps they were thinking the same thing back in '86.
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Blue - '93 Ford Tempo
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ShWing! - '82 honda gold wing Interstate
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Hell, we were all gonna have flying cars by 1965.

Got more views of that shape and car?

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Is that the front or back? Are those tufts with shadows or is the whole thing louvered?

mikeyjd -- It would depend on the frontal area and a myriad of details about the drivetrain and tires.
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Chorizo - '00 Honda Civic HX, baby! :D
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I did a Google image search, but most of the images were unrelated.
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Not dissimilar to an upturned fast boat hull in some respects
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Sort of reminds me of something else.



Based on the classic TV sitcom My Favorite Martian, this 1/18-scale model kit comes with an Uncle Martin figure (Ray Walston) and his spaceship. The spaceship features opening doors with interior and logo plaque. Pegasus consulted with art director James Hulsey, the original designer of the full size ship that was built by the Desilu special effects department headed by Joe Lombardi. This model comes pre-assembled.
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mpg @ Cd 0.095

Originally Posted by mikeyjd View Post
What kind of mpg would a shape like this be capable of?
It' raining today and I walked here without my briefcase,so no calculator.Sorry.
Here's a graph for a car of 22-sq-ft frontal area and 3,400-lbs curb weight.
Looking at the right hand side you'll find a line for Cd0.10 which is close,and you can compare the road load to that of another Cd.
If the BSFC is maintained through gear-matching,then the new fuel consumption will mirror the reduction in road load.

Here is a road load curve for HONDA's Dream-2 solar racer,of Cd 0.10,a lightweight tandem,maybe 9-sq-ft frontal area (I'd have to look).
You can see that at 100-mph,it requires less than 6-kW to move it.That's a 300-mpg car!
Photobucket album: http://s1271.photobucket.com/albums/jj622/aerohead2/

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I love the idea of driverless cars. Also you could train them together at higher speeds and get even better mpg. I also love the idea of leaving here at bedtime and waking up in Seattle 8-9 hours later and have used 3 gallons of gas. I have a feeling the airlines may not like such things.

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