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Hey ChasInMt,
Do you have any info or updates on their full size proto? It sounds like it is behind schedule but that is not unexpected as most airplanes are late. This ends up being a good thing as they are usually somewhat better than if flown too early. Experimental or restricted category is pretty open to design creativity with the exception of strength and safety. Bottom line is someone has to fly it. Even when it is all sorted out this takes a brave sole to be a test pilot. I was amazed to see the terafugia actually make it past proto stage.

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I been looking and looking, but no, can't seem to find any recent word on the thing. Up until a month ago I was living 5 hours away from the place. Had I discovered this when I was there I certainly would have driven up to volunteer. The most recent word is that they're 90% done.....which I hope isn't a perpetual state, like fusion energy being 20 years into the future for the last 60 years.
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That "90% done" thing was what was so infuriating about Zoche. That engine was lighter, more powerful, elegant. Better BSFC numbers at .356 LB/HP/HR
We saw vids in the test cell, all this happy talk. Then nothing.

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I would like to see stall and spin recovery with this aircraft.
Certified fixed-wins will typically fly straight and level with hands and feet completely off the controls,requiring only special pilot focus upon landing.
My uncle and flight instructor has told me that in a 'pickle',just to let go of everything,and with enough altitude the plane will resume straight and level flight.
I don't see this with the Synergy.I'm no Barnaby Wainfan,but the plane concerns me very much as far as dynamic stability.
Muroc Airfield was re-named Edwards AFB after Glenn Edwards,test-pilot of the Northrop flying -wing,who along with his crew,perished attempting stall recovery of this weather-cock-free design.
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Originally Posted by Frank Lee
where aviation then took a back seat to my burgeoning ground vehicle design career.
I'm curious about this

a 5 place airplane capable of jet like performance using a 200HP diesel engine using 5GPH fuel. That's right, 200+ MPH at 25,000+ feet getting 40MPG
So which is it?

Theory goes that this creates a huge venturi area between the wings creating way more lift than normally possible for the given sized wing, and, it eliminates the trailing vortex that creates huge amounts of drag, so induced drag is remarkably low.
I suspect a lot of their no-vortex claims come from the vertical stabilizers. Maybe some of the concerns expressed could be alleviated by a small canard. I'd make the inner vertical stabilizers into a full ring wing.
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Aero Deshi
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MagMetalCivic - '04 Honda Civic Sedan EX
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Comments related to stability had me ruminating over the Synergy design the other day and something occurred to me regarding the shape of the little beast.


more than

A discussion here about pitch stability.

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