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Xist 01-08-2020 09:53 PM

Tesla is the largest US automaker in history
Ford set the previous record in 1999 being worth 80 billion. Tesla is now worth 85 billion. The article says that Tesla is still dwarfed by international companies like Volkswagen ($98B) and Toyota ($232B).

Is that just Volkswagen, not all of the brands that they own? I recently saw that they might be the world's largest vehicle manufacturer.

I think that was including commercial trucks.

That was from a video talking about Volkswagen pushing electric vehicles. Since they are so big, this will make a significant difference.

GM is worth $50B, Ford is worth $37B and Fiat Chrysler is worth $22B, so Tesla is worth ore than GM and F-C combined.

Sales in Asia will undoubtedly help Tesla a fair amount.

Tesla is now the highest-valued automaker in US history (TSLA)

Hersbird 01-08-2020 10:32 PM

Although to be fair 80 billion in 1999 is 123 billion today. Toyota is just amazing as they just passed GM in sales 21 years ago but they probably passed them in value before that.

I don't know exactly how these numbers work, must be stock price? But having a value of about $90,000 per car you have sold in your history seems both good and bad. Obviously it's based on future betting, but there is something to say for Ford bringing in 160 billion a year in actual revenue even if their stocks are worth less.

ME_Andy 01-09-2020 01:22 AM

To me, it seems like Toyota's market cap is ridiculous compared to the other automakers.

I'm kind of tempted to buy some Ford stock because it pays a 6.5% dividend but not tempted enough to actually do it.

I sold my Tesla shares awhile ago, making 35%. If I had held on until today, it would have been more like 60%. C'est la vie.

ME_Andy 01-09-2020 01:23 AM

The reason I won't buy Ford is that the Cybertruck is a massive threat to Ford's bread and butter, IMO.

HaroldinCR 01-09-2020 10:27 AM

How can one compare actually sold to customers (Tesla) than sitting on lots (Big manufacturers) forced by manufacturers to sell, OR, the left overs are sent off to never never land and costs are added on to the new years models.

There are videos on youtube, yeah ? showing thousands of new cars sitting on acres of land, out in the boonies.

Hersbird 01-09-2020 12:29 PM

I look out my window right this minute and see thousands of actually sold to customer cars and not a single Tesla.

roflwaffle 01-09-2020 04:47 PM

BI is so disingenuous. Even if Tesla does have the highest market value of any US automaker, although even in that case I'm not sure if that's in real or nominal dollars, their total enterprise value is still below Ford and GM because a lot of the value of other companies is outside of equities.

A big chunk of Tesla's equity value is speculative too. Just watch what happens to that value is they can't maintain positive operating margins going forward.

On the flip side, if they consistently maintain positive operating margins I imagine their equity value will increase significantly, less whatever dilution there is from them issuing new equities.

ldjessee00 01-09-2020 05:01 PM

I was going to say any company can fail, old or new, but the US government has already proven me wrong there...

Which, if those companies that took government bail out money had not had it and they had failed, with so many autoworkers in the market and less competition for startups, would there be MORE auto startups pushing EVs today? Or would it have destroyed the US economy like so many feared and there would not be any auto startups today?

redpoint5 01-10-2020 01:27 AM

The market is saturated with automotive brands. Just look on the highway and notice the hundreds of different models out there. Automotive brands will continue to consolidate as they are increasingly seen as a commodity. Millennials and younger have much less interest in vehicles.

Autonomous driving will shrink new vehicle sales to 1/10th the current volume.

freebeard 01-23-2020 05:15 PM

Market valuation is a goal, Tesla is more about process:

Check out the Super Bottle

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