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Old 06-02-2011, 09:56 AM   #11 (permalink)
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always seem to be in front of you - '03 VW Jetta Sportwagon
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HAH!...been there. ...but alas, no soda can behind the pedal.

It was actually difficult right at the top of the pedal...like if I pushed down real hard I might actually bend or break something.
I got to this one grade on my way home,,,probably 2.5 miles long but a verrry slow upward angle...by halfway I was having trouble keeping it at my usual 5mph below the speed limit of 55.

Today she wants to race again...obviously I must have purchased a female Jetta...no offense intended toward any ladies around here... =)

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Not hugely familiar with the Jetta lay out but obvious-anycar-stuff like checking for wiring bundles at the the top of the peddly that might be jemming the movement. I'm fairly certain its not a cable op throttle (not 100%) though so check the body itsself a)to se if it is operated by a cable and b) that nothing is stopping that end either.
good things come to those who wait, sh*t turns up pretty much instantly

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Old 06-02-2011, 08:40 PM   #13 (permalink)
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Schwartzejetta - '00 Volkswagen Jetta TDI GL
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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Seems to me like he's actually complaining about the pedal physically being difficult to push.
I still think it "stiff" in quotes means the lack of response is like a stuck gas pedal... hopefully the mat was checked for a physical restriction.

Looking again this morning, many of the Gas models were Drive by wire for the accellerator pedal after 1999, whereas the TDI diesel had DBW in models as early as 1996. 03NHVW has a 2004 model year.

*coff* and we're still waiting for him to come back and say what engine it has, and/or what sleuthing around it could be.

I had a lack of power that occurred with my car several times:

A dust choked air filter was the first (Southern Alberta where I got it is BAD for that, it's semi-arid the wind blows in 2 to 4 directions at once, minimum)

Then a bad tank of diesel, which was remedied by avoiding the dodgy gas stations.

Then a MAF sensor went.

And after much sleuthing around while cleaning the intake manifold (pre-ULSD diesel, it was common on babied TDIs), part of the EGR bypass tubing cracked, thus making my turbo essentially, a naturally aspirated car; as much power as Christ's IDI makes, but with a later model that's about 50-60% heavier.

In all cases, it would do great around town, until climbing up a hill, or trying to get to highway speeds above 50mph / 80 km/h.

In other words, Christ is lucky with his, because he has an actual throttle cable.
Current mod: Skidplate/Undertray for my MkIV Jetta. Next mod: CAD drawing for skidplate so other Jetta/Golf drivers can make one too!
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Old 06-03-2011, 06:28 AM   #14 (permalink)
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FrankenJetta D - '90 Volkswagen Jetta GL
Boat tails and more mods
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Christopher9- Post 9 this thread-

Gas engine...2.0L, non-turbo 115hp AVH, no traction control...bare bones model
Also, his link to his garage says "gasoline".

One thing that does happen up North, salt/road grit build up in the pedal assembly. I've had to replace a few pedal assemblies, both professionally and personally for this reason.


It is always very amusing how our imagination is put to the test when overcoming reality. Redyaris
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