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STEELBREEZE 03-25-2009 01:11 PM

WAY off topic. Arduino info needed
I was speaking with my friend Ivan and he said some of the members here might be able to help me learn about using Arduino and programming same. I am VERY new to electronics but not to customizing. I own the custom body shop that helped him redesign and modify the front of his Pontiac. I want to work with Arduino and similar microcontrollers to use in some of the custom cars I build and work on. I already make LED kits and custom lighting but feel this would be a very useful tool. If anyone is in or near Ft. Lauderdale that might want to tudor me in this area, I would be very gratefull. I have ordered an Arduino but don't know "C" or any other computer language. I am trying to learn but with no hands on experience, it is a difficult road for me. Please contact me at and let me know if you can be of assistance. or if I can be of assistance in helping make aero parts for your own projects. I have no limits to the custom car field and fabfication. I have been customizing cars for almost thirty years. Both body wise and custom painting.

dcb 03-26-2009 07:32 AM

LOL, Welcome to ecomodder :)

STEELBREEZE 03-26-2009 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by dcb (Post 94241)
LOL, Welcome to ecomodder :)


skyl4rk 03-26-2009 03:55 PM

welcome breeze

When I started out I found the following starter kit to be helpful:

Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Also some tutorial links:

Arduino Tutorial - Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino!

Arduino - Getting started with Arduino

This is an important page:

Arduino - Reference

Get a servo or two to play with:

DealExtreme: $8.06 Dynam 34G Servo (B2232)

There was a handbook that I can't find for some reason, maybe look on the arduino page, it may be hidden somewhere. I will try to post my copy. Sorry, too big to post here.

STEELBREEZE 03-26-2009 05:27 PM

Thanx for the info. I already have the Arduino starter kit on it's way. As well as one from Seeeduino. I also have been studying the reference page but until I get some hands on practice, I have no idea what it all means. As far as servos, I have many of them as I am an avid remote control drifter and rock crawler. I did order the book 'Getting Started With Arduino" and it should be arriving very soon. I appreciate you guiding me in the correct direction and confirming that I have started in that direction. Any help and advice is kewl. ivan said there might be some people here that would be into this. I did the front bumper on his Vibe when he was trying to make it more aero. Too bad he sold it. It not only helped his mileage but looked good in the process.

skyl4rk 03-26-2009 10:07 PM

So what kind of things do you want to do with the arduino?

STEELBREEZE 03-27-2009 12:57 AM


Originally Posted by skyl4rk (Post 94362)
So what kind of things do you want to do with the arduino?

I have made some LED systems in the cars I have customized including interior and tail lights. Stuff like that. So now I want to make programable systems. Seems the Arduino would be good for doing just that. My only experience with electronics is in remote control cars and with LEDs so learning C++ and about the Arduino is way outta my league, but I am trying. I spent all night tonight in a tutorial about C++ and haven't gotten anywhere. LOL All in time I guess. I've been customizing cars, trucks, motorcycles and imports for about thirty years and wanna get into something a lil different. I figure I'll start with LED and go from there.

dcb 03-27-2009 06:56 AM

here is the basic arduino blink-the-led program, everyone starts by getting this working, so try and understand what each line is doing. There is a built in LED on pin 13, you have up to 20 pins to play with (I use php tags cuz it looks pretty, but it is C).

PHP Code:

int ledPin 13;                 // LED connected to digital pin 13

void setup()
pinMode(ledPinOUTPUT);      // sets the digital pin as output

void loop()
digitalWrite(ledPinHIGH);   // sets the LED on
delay(1000);                  // waits for a second
digitalWrite(ledPinLOW);    // sets the LED off
delay(1000);                  // waits for a second

borrowed from:

Have you considered posting on the forum? This learning stuff is right up their alley, though I'm sure more than a few ecomodders don't mind the exposure either. It is a very enabling technology.

skyl4rk 03-27-2009 01:01 PM

When you say programmable systems, do you mean LED's flashing in unison or a flash of light that runs up and down a row of LED's? That kind of thing?

I personally would not spend too much time on learning C, because if you go through the tutorials and write a few simple scripts based on the tutorials, you will learn how to write the code. End with a ; , make sure you declare your variables. Go to the reference book or the arduino forum when things are not working.

I can tell you this: with some effort, you will be able to create and control electronic devices that you never thought you would be able to.

STEELBREEZE 03-27-2009 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by skyl4rk (Post 94440)
do you mean LED's flashing in unison or a flash of light that runs up and down a row of LED's? That kind of thing?

I can tell you this: with some effort, you will be able to create and control electronic devices that you never thought you would be able to.

That is kinda the idea in a simplistic fashion. I will although be going a little more elaborate with the controlled LEDs. I do hope to go further with more things once I get comfortable. is "C" or "C++" not needed? I had the understanding it was needed to write and understand script commands. Even tho I have been reading and studying a lot, I still don't get it. I guess once I get my Arduino in hand and follow some of the tutorials, it will come together. I have already done some stunning effects inside a few cars with simple wiring. About a year ago I converted a set of tail lights for a 47 Chevy to an LED arrangement that looked awesome when it was done. It had working tail and brake lights. but that was pretty simple to do in an array. Thanx again for all the info. keep it coming. I am using all the info so far. And if I can be of service for anything, feel free. I don't know if Ivan ever posted any pix of the bumper we made for his Pontiac Vibe but it looked like it was made from the factory once we finished it. I have a vast knowledge of fabricating both steel and plastics. I have been customizing cars for more than twenty five years. My last paintjob just won "Best paint" in Scion sponsored car show. :thumbup:

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