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The 4-cylinder Tibby with the auto is a pig. The auto has incredible drivetrain losses and saps a lot of power out of the motor.

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I use a vacuum gauge in my saturn. Every acceleration event is between 1900-2400 RPM (the meat of the torque curve for the engine) at a vacuum reading of 2-3 inHG. With P&G and EOC, and a 55mph cruise speed, I average 48mpg in my saturn.
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Originally Posted by star_deceiver View Post
Do not let them GIVE you this car!!!!! You will never see an end to the problems! I've known several people who've owned said model, including my Mom... IMO get something else!

Agreed. I've heard bad things about these cars as well. I've had a few friends with the 2.7 V6 however and as someone into performance cars i must say for the size of the motor they're really not bad and i've never seen any of my friends have problems with these. This is not the case with the newer 06 & up I4's though no complaints heard about those.

Either way back to the original idea i believe the engine load not only depends on the car but nowadays you must take induction into the matter too ie. Turbo/supercharged It really depends on your vehicle for example for my two babies
04 CLK55 Cabrio. I prefer 40-45% throttle around town
76 El Camino, 55-60%

(No actual EPA numbers for car just used F/E numbers when i first got it)
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Second time's the charm - '04 Honda Accord EX
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well it doesn't matter so much now, the saab had a turbo so I was wondering about that for a while but it's out of commission now. I now drive a honda accord that's 4 cyl so the whole 70-80% load makes sense again. It seems a bit slow to me but I was driving a 6 cyl malibu for a couple of weeks which load was being displayed oddly. And as I said before that I had the saab which was also 4 cyl but it had a turbo and 25 more horses. I am getting the best mpg in the honda and it's just a nice car period. I hope I'll be driving it for years to come.

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engine load, scanguage

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