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What's it worth? 1996 Mercedes diesel

I am pretty sure we didn't have these in Canada, I could be wrong but this one was an import from the USA, so it makes it hard for me to tell if this was a deal or not. 1996 E300 diesel. It had 188k miles on it. It looked clean, the power steering was hard to turn at low RPM, and it puffed a bit of blue smoke out the tailpipe. Are these rare? I was high bid at $3400, but the seller wanted $5000. So needless to say I didn't buy it lol.

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One relatively unknown fact about MB cars. On my 1998 SLK 230 it was recommended that the air bags be replaced at 15 years age! Never heard that on any cars other than possibly German made and not sure if that applies to earlier or later made MB cars, but that could cast more than the car itself is worth.

$5k sounds awfully high for a benz of than age with that mileage. They tend to get very costly to repair at higher mileages than that. I paid $7800 for my SLK a couple of years ago and it had less than 90k miles on it when I bought it.

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3400 would have been a good buy. 5000 little steep. Most all cars reccomend airbag inspection and replacement. I think Volvo is 10 years.
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The value of that car is in it's longevity. Airbags??

The reason these Mercedes diesels retain their value is that they run forever, get 25/35 mpg and they look nice at any age as long as the paint is shiny and the rims are not pealing.

The Quality of build on these mid-90s diesel Mercedes is much higher than more recent MB vehicles and there is also an Airbag light.
I wouldn't touch an SLK with a 6 foot pole because of the high cost of upkeep and the poor fuel economy. Nothing personal, they are beautiful cars.

I just sold my 1995 E300D with 188k miles for $1500. It needed $3000 worth of repairs. The rear end was smashed and it needed the right rear quarter panel, the light, the trunk lid and hinges. The ABS is not functioning. It had numerous dents and flaws.

So, $5000 for a high mileage Mercedes diesel is not bad.
But for one blowing blue smoke, $3500.
The one with blue smoke will still run forever as long as you keep adding oil so it can continue blowing blue smoke.
Many areas don't check the emissions on these older Mercedes diesels, they are exempt.
When looking at these cars the things you have to look at are rust!
Motor mounts... does the engine shake alot?
Also, the brakes... these are heavy cars and a pep-boys break special will leave you with a car that doesn't brake like it should.
Being able to change a fuel filter (Sooo easy. 10 minutes $20 ) is a good idea.
A couple of other tips.
If the A/C doesn't work it could need a recharge or it could need the ( I forget the name, but its buried under the dash and cost $2500-$3000 to replace)
If the sunroof doesn't work... forget about it. Some mechanics refuse to repair them because they are such a pain.
All that being said. Buy one. Just don't buy a 240 with an automatic. SLooowww...
Do not buy a pre-1998 E320 with the 6 cylinder engine or any C-class with a 6 Cylinder. The head gaskets blow all the time.

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