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Old 02-12-2018, 06:41 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Mesa, AZ
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Chorizo - '00 Honda Civic HX, baby! :D
90 day: 34.82 mpg (US)

Mid-Life Crisis Fighter - '99 Honda Accord LX
90 day: 34.41 mpg (US)
Thanks: 3,804
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I am finding more HXes for sale in the Phoenix and L.A. areas than used Mirages, although there is a better chance of the Mirage being in good shape.

Still, the best price I saw for a Mitsubishi was twice what they were asking for an HX.

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Old 02-13-2018, 12:11 AM   #12 (permalink)
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Our nearest Mitsu dealer is 142 miles and 2 mountain passes away. I see more Metros. The Mirage is actually a Mirage around here.
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Old 02-13-2018, 03:39 AM   #13 (permalink)
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everyone brings up valid points,

the reason the car is getting low mpg of 28 is due to the weather in MN, in summer i get 32 average.

i prefer not to hyper mile i just like to hop in a hit the cruise control and go only mod i would like to do is tire pressure.

i read a thread on here where a guy with a HX with VX 5sp trans swap was getting insane mpg numbers here ....... http://ecomodder.com/forum/showthrea...wap-23235.html

wonder if hes full of crap ? i know its in a CX .........

im unable to find a HX or mirage near me cheapest mirage i found was 4900 at a dealer 500mi away from me. only reason i like to stick with civics is they are so reliable and relatively cheap to repair. just wanted to know what everyones thoughts were.
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Old 02-13-2018, 08:51 AM   #14 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Mesa, AZ
Posts: 6,554

Chorizo - '00 Honda Civic HX, baby! :D
90 day: 34.82 mpg (US)

Mid-Life Crisis Fighter - '99 Honda Accord LX
90 day: 34.41 mpg (US)
Thanks: 3,804
Thanked 1,186 Times in 888 Posts
I remember that thread, but he has not posted in almost a year and a half. I do not know why his experience was completely different than Balto's.

Balto, what do you think?
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Old 02-14-2018, 10:17 PM   #15 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Iowa
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Kristin's Impala FFV - '10 Chevy Impala LT
Team E85
90 day: 29.52 mpg (US)

XFE Coupe - '09 Chevy Cobalt XFE
90 day: 39.5 mpg (US)

Kt's Cobalt - '10 Chevy Cobalt LT
Last 3: 29.4 mpg (US)

Penny's Rogue - '15 Nissan Rogue SL AWD
90 day: 28.52 mpg (US)

Cam's Rogue - '11 Nissan Rogue SV AWD
90 day: 27 mpg (US)

Elantra - '17 Hyundia Elantra SE
Team Hyundai
90 day: 40.21 mpg (US)
Thanks: 153
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How fast do you set the cruise. I run a few more miles than you per year with my Cobalt but still average 40 mpg life times with just holding it between 55-60 and smart coasting, if I had cruise I'd use it.

There's cheap today but expensive tomorrow. I paid $7000 for my Cobalt XFE, 200,000+ miles later strong as ever. I'd rather make payments for a 3 years and own the car for 10 than buy 15+ yo other people problems. Paid the same for 2010 Cobalt front end collision with 28,000 miles and hasn't been as good as my hail dented XFE but still good($600 BCM).

As a 50 yo guy with 18+ yo kids. If I needed a new car next week/month I'd like the idea of a Mirage, but I looked at a hail dented Cruze LTZ not long ago for under 10K and under 30,000 miles. Instead of buying something 15 yo junk with no warranty I'd buy a low mileage rebuilt title car and plan on running it at least 200,000 miles if not 300.

IMO if buying a car don't buy a 1-3 year car, look for a 10 year car.
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wdb (02-18-2018)
Old 02-18-2018, 05:00 PM   #16 (permalink)
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Location: WV
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IGL - '04 Saturn Ion
Team Saturn
90 day: 47.49 mpg (US)
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Lots of valid points here... shortly before I joined here, I drove a 2007 Chevy Malibu, drive like an idiot and got 24mpg... I always complained about mileage and considered buying a “better” car but never did... I always during complaining would say “I’m sure if I slowed down it would be better”... so I began working on my driving and done low cost mods(best ROI) and was getting 38-ish mpg shortly before it was totaled...

Now I drive a 2004 Saturn Ion, and learned that all the 2007 cars had better PCMs that were tunable... things like lean burn and the like cane to mind but the gain in mileage has to pay the payment... unless you double your mileage or more, it’s not worth buying a new car just for it’s mileage...
My current Ecotec project...

My last Ecotec project...
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Old 02-18-2018, 09:24 PM   #17 (permalink)
lurker's apprentice
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PlainJane - '12 Toyota Tacoma Base 4WD Access Cab
90 day: 20.98 mpg (US)
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I went from a 2005 STi to a 2008 Honda Fit. ~24mpg to ~38mpg on my particular commute, plus going from premium to regular fuel grade. 40k miles/year. The Fit paid for itself in fuel savings.

Moral, such as it is: the difference needs to be significant enough to justify the cost. Like Frank said -- do the math.
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Old 02-19-2018, 07:27 PM   #18 (permalink)
Master EcoModder
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Indiana
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Traverse 2LT FWD - '12 Chevrolet Traverse 2LT
90 day: 21.2 mpg (US)

Volt, gas only - '12 Chevrolet Volt Premium
90 day: 42.1 mpg (US)

Volt, electric only - '12 Chevrolet Volt Premium
90 day: 132.94 mpg (US)
Thanks: 123
Thanked 288 Times in 194 Posts
My recent situation:

2008 Cadillac cts, 26mpg yearly average, no payment

2012 Chevy volt, hoping for 40mpg yearly average, $220/no

32,000 miles per year. Costs an additional 100 per month before insurance increase.

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Old 02-21-2018, 02:11 AM   #19 (permalink)
It's all about Diesel
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In the end, there is no one-size-fits-all solution...

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