EcoModder Fuel Economy Team Competition - Gen-1 Insights

Dedicated to the first generation 2000-2006 Insight. This car needed a team of its own!
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Team Members

Note - team average MPG and rankings vs. other teams are calculated using only the fuel economy entries from members who have refueled in the last 90 days.
RankVehicleOwnerVehicle% over EPA90-day MPG (US)Date of last fill
1Insightmpg_numbers_guy2006 Honda Insight56.3%81.29Dec 17, 2019
2Winsightfusion2102006 Honda Insight34.1%69.71Feb 01, 2020
3BulletCoreyosaur2000 Honda Insight28.7%68.23Jan 23, 2020
4Redbetasniper2001 Honda Insight-10%42.29Dec 19, 2019

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