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This tool is designed to help Ecomodders compare the shape of their cars to an aerodynamically streamlined body. The original author of the streamlined body template drawing is Ecomodder forum user Aerohead. For a better understanding, read this forum thread.

Instructions for use
1) Load image of your car:
2) Use your mouse to position (click and drag) the template and your image as needed. 3) Resize your image as you need:
4) Resize the template as you need:
white outline
Template #1 Template #2
5) Repeat steps 2,3,4 as needed. You should meet these conditions:
* Ground planes of both the template and the car are aligned.
* Height of the template matches the car's height.
* The "0" on the template is aligned with the apex of the car's roof.

The current version of the software was programmed by orangustang.
The version created by the original author is available here.

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