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Yes, this falls into the "splitting hairs" category.

Shaving your door handles and smoothing out all the lines on your car isn't likely to boost your fuel economy a whole ton. However, if you're really motivated to create a the lowest drag form possible, this is what you'll need to do.

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Problems / Consequences of mod

Deleting the door handles comes with an inheirent set of problems, namely that the vehicle now requires a new, ingenious way for the driver and any passengers to get into it. There's no shortage of options, but few are so simple, intuitive and effective as a handle.

Many new vehicles are being outfitted with sensors that detect the drivers proximity and then unlock the doors or perform similar tasks. The technology is anything but new. RFID tags and readers are and have been a common security measure in passenger vehicles. The same technology could be outfitted to the vehicle so as to actuate the door by a hydraulic system when the tag was in close enough proximity.

There is an article somewhere in the depths of the internet about using a piezo microphone and an audrino controller to read a secret knock on the window of a car, authenticate it against the prerecorded knock, and then actuate the door locks. The same could be done for your enthusiastic hydraulic doors.


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