One EcoModder’s Gift to Ford

by Benjamin Jones on June 23, 2009

Ford Aero Concept Car

EcoModder member bondo is well known for his aerodynamic pickup bed cap, which he designed, builds, and sells himself. Recently he hit us over the head with another great aero design, this time a scale vehicle model he donated to the Ford Motor Company to help them pull through their current rough patch.

As you can see in the original thread, bondo built the model himself in his garage and chose Ford as the recipient because of their insistence to go it alone without federal bailout money and because he believes the company is under good stewardship. Personally, I think this this is a great design and Ford is lucky to have it. Congrats to bondo for putting it together.

Ford Aero Concept Car

Ford Aero Concept Car

Ford Aero Concept Car

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1 elhigh June 24, 2009 at 12:14 pm

Holy Moley that’s beautiful. I wish there were something to show the scale.

It’s got the tall profile like the Mercedes boxfish concept, so the interior doesn’t feel as crowded as the curvy shape might otherwise require.

Glorious. And it’s in the same shades as many earlier Ford concepts, particularly the Probe series. That’s a really, really handsome shape.

I hope bondo gets serious recognition for it. That’s a lot of hard, smart work that went into that.

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