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I loaded the new code that had the pi loop and it worked a lot better. The ramp rate might be a little slow, but I'm more interested in the new 'power' code. Paul, you'll have to send that when you get a chance.

I think my temp probe thing is about ten degrees too high. That's at ambient temp though, not sure about higher temps. I think one easy test would be to put it in boiling water too see what I get. Nevertheless, I cruised around the block tonight and watched the guage. Temps on themosfet and diode got to around 100C at some points, but that's what my guage read, so I'm not sure that it's really that high. I think the guage I have inthe heatsink is pretty accurate (I bought it online) and it reads the temp at the base of the controller. This reading changed quite a bit with throttle, but seemed to hover in the high 40s. On, it was actually kinda cool out tonight, 32 C.

If these numbers are right, we may need to look into better cooling or reducing heat. I read on the zeva site about ians design and how he's down to 5 ohm gate resistors. Paul, I think you mentioned some options to reduce heat...

ReVolt AZ testing thread:
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