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Originally Posted by TheSGC View Post

A feature that I would like to see on the Revolt is a current sensor on the battery side so you can limit the battery current to keep the abuse low on the floodies. Maybe it can be done in the software, but a hardware limit would be nice.
Figuring out the battery current should be pretty easy in software. Since we're measuring motor current and we know what the PWM duty cycle is, battery current will be motorcurrent*PWMduty (where PWMduty is from 0 to 1).

That won't include any accessories you have pulling amps from the battery, but anything else would likely add up to just a couple amps and will be just noise among the 100's of amps going to the controller.

It would be pretty easy to code up a software limit for battery current. I might suggest tripping an alarm or something instead of hard limiting - sometimes you need the power, ya know?

As an aside, I've noticed that it's really easy to hold the battery current constant depending how you set up the throttle response. The way mine behaves right now, I can pretty much step on the throttle halfway and the battery amps peg at about 200A and'll stay there all the way up to 45 mph without hardly changing throttle position.
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