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Originally Posted by pgmomni View Post
OR the Jiffy Lube Pro who filled my car with 5/30w even after I paid the extra $10 for semi-sythetic 5/20w that was spec for the Mazda.
This is why I would never bring my Civic anywhere for an oil change. I know I would get it back with 5W30 in it (0W20 is spec'd), and probably missing it's belly pan too. An experienced mechanic once told me to put 10W30 in a Ford van that ran 5W20. I know enough not to listen, but do his other customers?

Originally Posted by pgmomni View Post
My Camry oil filter sits at a 45 degree upright position right over cross member. Messy change unless I do the drain all oil, put oil plug back on, start car, shut off after 5 seconds, drain rest of oil. That seems to get the cup or so oil out of the oil filter. Spin it off quick and turn it upside down and no mess.

That's genius, isn't it? My folks have a '99 Camry with the 2.2. Every time I look at that I scratch my head and wonder who would think to locate an oil filter there.

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