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Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
Most people aren't concerned about restriction, it's mostly filtration. Power hungry guys are usually worried about restriction from the air filter. If you talk about not running a K&N cause they don't filter good enough but you don't change your filters for 60k or 70K+ miles, and you just shake the loose dirt off, how good is the filter filtering even after a good shake? That's just my question.
A very good question indeed.... Something worth exploring in my opinion

I'm willing to run a test similar to the bobistheoilguy test But, my filter only has ~30K miles on it....

I would put the testing paper in for the old filter - then switch out for a new one and run the same testing miles.

Any suggestions?

Oh, I don't tap my filters - I just put a vacuum in the airbox to clear any dirt that fell off the filter into the bottom of the case (which is the filter inlet side). There's no particular reason for this

On another note - I've got oil analysis showing that the filter is working in it's current state (as per silica levels in my old oil)
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