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92-95 Honda Civic Kill swtich, how to make?

Has anybody figured out a better way to make a kill swtich for a 92-95 Honda Civic? I read that Andrew J had 2 versions (1 that kills the ecu/speedo/odo and 1 that kills the fuel pump). I've been using the fuel pump switch for a while now. But I've been reading by Christ and MetroMPG that this is not the best route to killing the engine.

I've read that Daox put a switch on his cam sensor, but i've tried that on my car and it didn't work, only to read later on that Christ said this wont work on OBD1 cars.

I've also read suggestions to cut the power supply to the injectors, however, for my car, each injector is wired directly into the ECU (there is no common wire for them, which means i'd have to cut 4 more wires which is not what im willing to do).

Christ and MetroMPG both suggested killing the ignition system to get instantaneous kill. I've already cut 5 wires today on my ecu harness (2 for the camshaft sensor; CKP, 2 for the ignition control module, and 1 that i THOUGHT was the ignition coil only to find out it was the wire for the tach).

Here's the Service Manual for my engine, 1994 Acura Integra Gsr, which is basically the same wiring as a 92-95 Civic. Can somebody take a quick gander and see what other options (if any) that i have?

If not, thanks anyways for looking, I'd really appreciate your input.


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