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BP, Standard Oil, SOHIO, and Amoco

Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
It merged with Amoco, so I don't know what that means in terms of where it's owned, but Beyond Petroleum is just an advertising bit, the name hasn't changed.
BP actually absorbed several companies, of which, included Amoco, which included the Standard Oil and "Gulf" brands. Standard Oil of Ohio was based in Cleveland, Ohio -- complete with a new skyscraper to rival the existing Cleveland skyline in the mid-80's: SOHIO Tower. The company was a result of the anti-trust legislation of 1911 to break up Standard Oil. It goes back that far... Outside of Ohio, it was named "Boron".

The merger was years in the making, however. Most of the source was from Alaskan oilfields -- so that's an interesting caveat as it was later shut down after a disgraceful environmental record (Wiki BP). When production reached a certain level, BP pounced on SOHIO and Amoco's sources. Foolish venture as that dried-up. Over the years, a tarnished safety record of refinery accidents further drove the brand into the need for "Greenwashing". I'll let that viewpoint in your hands, as the consumer.

The large, newly named "BP America Building" was vacated for a location elsewhere. More jobs to leave the State of Ohio. British Invasion in Cleveland. The American Oil Co. was fully taken-over, including its familiar storefronts and brands. The familiar red, white and blue oval logo and torch was replaced with gold and green BP stations.

Pick your poison, indeed.

More info through Wiki...

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