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bengry -

The MPGuino doesn't explicitly show lean burn (as in "You are now in lean burn mode"), but between the Instant readout and the seat of my pants, it's pretty darn obvious when I'm in lean burn mode and when I'm not. Basically, when cruising in 5th gear, I get show about 50mpg or more (usually more) on the Instant MPG readout when in lean burn, and I get about 30mpg or less (along with a noticable boost in power) when I'm not in lean burn mode. I rarely show an Instant readout between those two ranges (in the 40s, for example), so it's fairly clear (to me) when I'm in lean burn.

Knowing where those limits are really makes an amazing difference in the avg FE I'm getting now. I haven't completely calibrated yet, but since I started with the calibration numbers for the VX from the wiki, I think I'm relatively close... so preliminary results seem to indicate that I've improved FE by ~10% just by adjusting my driving style based on the Instant readout on the 'guino. While I can definitely feel my Maus going *out* of lean burn, it's often hard to tell when it goes *in* to lean burn... using the Instant readout makes it very easy to verify that I'm in, and let's me modulate the gas pedal to go up to the "edge" of lean burn without dropping out of it.

Definitely the very best FE mod I've made to my Maus!

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