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I am getting a lot of mods done because I am a unemployed collage grad. I also do the testing to prove to myself (and others) if the mod is worth it or not. That is also why I do the Wiki, good quick page to look over for ideas and gain possibilities.

Right now my trips are one of two things:
1. run into town (6-8 miles away depending on which way I go). this is a cold start up to 55MPH for the 6 or so miles, then 35 MPH in town.

2. Long trips (over 3 hours). These trips contain 50/50 55MPH and 70MPH speed limits (I do 55-60 in the 70, min is 55).

My car: 2006 Toyota Matrix, 1.8L manual (I made sure to get one). I know it has a rich warm up setting (for emissions) but this is ECU controlled (engine temp based I think). I have read of people trying to fool this setting but no one has done so to my knowledge. I want to make a lower grill block that is open-able (from the drivers seat) but I am not sure how yet (I am thinking about it).

I also found that doing a fast start up is about the same as a slow on (I try for 70-80% load).

I have looked at removing the power steering pump, but it is on the same belt as the AC and alternator. Unless I go no alternator I can not remove it. I have been reducing my electrical loads, DRLs gone (first mod I did 3 years ago), HIDs for my low beams (35 watts each instead of 55). I might put in LED bulbs but the payback is out past forever.

I do idle when coasting but I am not fond of cycling the ECU all the time. Also having it idle keeps the SG on, gives me more reaction options (safer). when coasting the idle is only using .25 GPH of gas, steady 55MPH is 1 to 1.2 GPH.

What tests would help me here? I think I am pushing what I can do.
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