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As for fooling the ECU, I might be interested in trying it, but I will have to be able to adjust it as winter up here gets cold, regularly down to 10F and will hit -20F most winters (not sure what that is in C). As far as my EE knowledge, I can wire things up and do some soldering. I understand most of the basic ideas involving electricity. Once you get to circuit boards you loose me (I grasp big things like power plants and sub stations). Little green things do things that I need, but how it happens, I have not a clue. If you give me a wiring diagram I can follow it but the circuit boards are just boxes with an input and output.

The ScanGauge reads out the data from the CAN bus, so what ever the ECU thinks the temp is that will be what is reported. there might be a way to use the SG to fool the ECU, it can send stuff to it (how I do not know).

How much benefit will fooling the ECU be if I run a grill block (upper and lower)?

As for my PS, AC, & alternator, they are all on the same belt with an independent tensioner. I would need a very interesting set up to remove these.

The AC has a clutch on it (electric) could I make one for the PS? that way it is off but when I am doing a corner (or in a parking lot) I can power it up? this way I could leave it hooked up but choose when to use it.
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